Serra Angel (comic)

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Serra Angel
Serra Angel Cover.jpg
Publication information
Publisher ARMADA
Number of issues 1
Character(s) Dreygar
Creative team
Writer(s) Margaret Weis
Illustrator(s) Rebecca Guay
Preceded By
Followed By
The Shadow Mage

Serra Angel is a comic released by ARMADA in 1996. It is written by Margaret Weis and illustrated by Rebecca Guay.

Blurb[edit | edit source]

"A young wizard who wants it all, summons the one being who can give it to him... the Serra Angel."

Summary[edit | edit source]

Aldon, a young man from a Dominaria lost his castle to the wizard Dreygar. He summons a Sengir vampire, a frozen shade, and a bog wraith to help him to regain his castle, and later summons a Serra Angel, who shows him the beauty of the world. Dreygar then sends a fallen angel to seduce Aldon. Aldon, his creatures, and the Serra angel assault the castle; Aldon kills the fallen angel and Dreygar, and once again rules his castle. However, his angel perishes in the battle against the fallen angel.

Inserts[edit | edit source]

The issues included an oversized 6"x9" Serra Angel with alternative artwork by Rebecca Guay.

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