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Serra Inquisitors
Founded on Ulgrotha

The Serra Inquisitors are the shepherds and caretakers, priests and judges of the people of Aysen on Ulgrotha. Though good at heart, sometimes their justice and indomitable in the name of Serra can be a bit too excessive. They come from all walks of life, and their right to police the populous comes from their devotion to a cause greater than themselves - the salvation and protection of all those who live within the boundaries of Aysen. While the Serra Paladin tend to have more common-folk ideas, the Inquisitors are educated to the point where they can convince other people to believe in the same way as them.[1]

The Inquisitors have their place in Aysen society and do a good job keeping the Ulgrothan populous from harm, evil and vice. But in the recent persecution of the Death Speakers, a small faction amongst the populous who practice divination and spirit magic, the Inquisitors have started a witch-hunt. They believe that the Death Speakers are well versed in the occult and forbidden knowledge, and have been conducting armed raids on their homes, putting those they catch on trial and convicting them of corruption.[2] Baron Sengir took notice of this, and started to equip the Death Speakers with actual books of spells and dark knowledge, in hopes that the schism would continue to grow into something he could use.

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