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Race Orochi
Birthplace Kamigawa
Lifetime During the Kami War
Snake's Path theme deck

Seshiro, called the Anointed, was a snake monk, Broodmaster of the Orochi colonies of Kamigawa during the Kami War.

Son of Suzue, he was brought by his mother to the Okina temple, where he was taught by the humans monks in martial arts. He soon knew as many koans as he did blade strikes. Although he was a masterful archer, his favored path was peaceful meditation.

A year later, Suzue, Seshiro and the monk Dosan were attacked by a kami of decay. Seshiro saved Dosan, but Suzue was fatally wounded. The young warrior returned to the colonies, vowing to stir his people into action, and became the Broodmaster. Among his children were the strong Sosuke, leader of the Kashi tribe and the wise Sachi, leader of the Sakura tribe.[1]

Many centuries later, Seshiro's wisdom would be carried on by the Archmage Kaseto.[2]

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