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A set in Magic: The Gathering is a pool of cards released together and designed for the same play environment. Cards in a set can be obtained either randomly through booster packs, or in box sets that have a fixed selection of cards. An expansion symbol and, more recently, a three-character abbreviation is printed on each card to identify the set it belongs to.[1] The most recent released set is Modern Horizons 2.

Rating system[edit | edit source]

Magazine ad for the new rating system

A rating system for complexity in the line of sets was introduced with Fifth Edition, Tempest and Portal Second Age, (1997–1998). These ratings stopped appearing on packaging with the release of Lorwyn (2007).

Starter level.jpg Starter-level sets were sets attempting the lowest possible level of Magic mechanical complexity. Starter-level sets were aimed to introduce, and teach, prospective and newer players to the game. They have been discontinued for a while as they did not fulfill this purpose, but have been brought back recently in the form of 2-Player Starter Sets, and more recently as Spellslinger Starter Kits.
Advanced level.jpg Advanced-level sets are the core sets of the game.
Expert level.jpg Expert-level sets are sets that are generally of the highest level of Magic thematic and mechanical complexity. Expert-level sets are all expansion sets.

Expansions[edit | edit source]

Expansions are sets that feature the latest Standard-legal cards and mechanics. The most recently released expansions form a large part of the game's Constructed and Limited environments. Each expansion has a theme running through the gameplay and flavor of its cards. Until 2018, expansions were organized into blocks according to their theme and release date.

Expansions are the focal point of Magic, especially its primary gameplay format, Standard. Standard annually rotates out older sets in favor of newer ones, putting less emphasis on legacy cards. Since core sets were briefly discontinued in 2015, expansion sets currently make up most of the card pool in Standard.

For a long time, Magic expansions used to be grouped into blocks, which carried an overarching theme across two or three sets. A large expansion established each block's setting and mechanics, followed by one or two set(s) that developed on the block's themes.[2] These are abandoned under the current system.

Set Design ends roughly eight months before a set releases.[3][4]

History[edit | edit source]

The game's first expansions, from Arabian Nights (1993) to Homelands (1995), were independent releases as they came out before the introduction of blocks. Mirage block established a convention of making expansions in blocks of three, one block per year. This practice would remain the default for Magic from 1996–2014. Exceptions were Coldsnap (2006), an extra summer expansion that was retconned into Ice Age block; and Lorwyn–Shadowmoor block (2007–08), two mini-blocks of two sets apiece.[5]

The latter's structure was adopted into the "Two-Block Paradigm," the block structure effective since Magic Origins (2015). Under this system, Wizards eliminated the core set to allow them to make four expansion sets each year. These were divided into two blocks annually: one including the autumn and winter sets, and a second including the spring and summer sets.[6]

The Two-Block Paradigm proved to be unsuccessful in some cases. The demise of the block structure was announced by Rosewater on June 12, 2017.[7] From 2018 on, three large standalone sets were to be released each year (spring, autumn and winter), supplemented by a revamped Core Set in the summer. This was called the Three-and-One Model.

By 2020, Wizards of the Coast decided to stop using the term "Standard-legal set" for expansions as it implied a little too strongly that the new sets were just about Standard. Instead they started to use the term premier set.[8] In 2021, they increased the annual number of premier sets from four to five, and it seemed like that increased cadence would continue into 2022.

Large and small expansions[edit | edit source]

A large expansion is one with more than 240 cards, while a small expansion has 200 or fewer. The typical block structure begins with a large set, followed by small set(s) in a supporting role. However, the second or third set can also grow into a large set as needed by R&D.[note 1][5] Historically (under the three-set block formula) this has been due to a need for the third set to expand on the block's existing themes while also having its own unique flavor and mechanics.[2][6]

The exact number of cards in a set has varied widely over the years, especially those from before the block structure was well defined. Mirage block through Onslaught block established a convention of 350 cards in the first set, and 143 cards in each of the second and third sets. This changed with Mirrodin block, which reduced the size difference between the large and small expansions by shifting some uncommons and rares from the former into the latter.[9] The new custom (306 large, 165 small) continued until Coldsnap.

Time Spiral block increased the size of its expansions to accommodate its timeshifted cards. The Standard card pool consisting of Time Spiral, Lorwyn, and Shadowmoor blocks was the largest in Magic history. Following this, feedback regarding the number of cards printed annually caused Wizards to cut back the size of sets.[10][11]

Beginning in the fall of 2015, there were two large expansions released each year, one in the fall and one in the spring (the Two-Block Paradigm).[6] The Standard play format rotated with the release of each large expansion, rather than just once a year as had been the case since 1997. In this new structure, core sets were eliminated. After the introduction of the Two-Block Paradigm, the second set of a two-expansion block would be usually small (but not always). To facilitate the new draft structure (2 boosters of the second set / 1 of the first set) the average size for a small expansion went up to around 184.[12][13][14]

Small expansions were abandoned with the introduction of the Three-and-One Model.[7] This means that Rivals of Ixalan was the last small expansion.

The default Magic set nowadays has 101 commons and 80 uncommons.[15] There’s usually about 60 rares, and 15 to 20 mythic rares.

Theme decks[edit | edit source]

Preconstructed theme decks are released in fixed box sets. They were later replaced with planeswalker decks.[16]

Standalone sets[edit | edit source]

A standalone set is a set that is designed to be played by itself. Ice Age, Mirage and Tempest were all marketed as such.[17] The concept became outdated when the block structure was improved upon, but was reinvented with the Three-and-One Model.

Core sets[edit | edit source]

Core sets form the base set of cards for tournament play and rotations.[18] After the Limited Edition, all core sets through Tenth Edition consisted solely of reprinted cards; as of Magic 2010 they feature new cards beside reprints. Following Magic Origins, the core sets were discontinued to allow room for four expansions annually under the Two-Block Paradigm.[19] This was reversed with the introduction of the Three-and-One Model.[7]

Supplemental sets[edit | edit source]

Supplemental sets are products not intended for Standard environments. They usually introduce new casual game variants, early on often with oversized cards. Some were sold in box sets, others in booster packs. These take the "(Draft) Innovation Product" slot in Wizards of the Coast's annual release schedule.[20] One of the current design constraints for innovation products is that it can be sold in a booster pack.[21]

Other examples of innovation sets:

Un-sets[edit | edit source]

Un-sets (Unglued, Unhinged, Unsanctioned, and Unstable) are self-parody sets that are sold in booster packs, and are silver-bordered to denote they are not tournament-legal. Championed by Mark Rosewater, they are themed around mechanics that would be impossible to print in a normal expansion.[22][23] Although these set are targeted to the casual crowd, they also may contain cards specifically designed with Cube and Commander in mind, for playgroups who are okay with using them.

Annex sets[edit | edit source]

Annex sets are a special line of products started with Amonkhet block. The idea is that they are "complete experiences in a box" released after the set they are associated with.[24] R&D has decided to do Annex products when they make sense instead of forcing them for every set.[25]

Main set Annex
Amonkhet Archenemy: Nicol Bolas
Ixalan Explorers of Ixalan
Dominaria Heroes of Dominaria
Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits
Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits
War of the Spark Ravnica Inquisition
Throne of Eldraine Brawl decks
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths Ikoria Commander
Strixhaven: School of Mages Strixhaven Commander

Portal and Starter[edit | edit source]

Portal and Portal Second Age were entry-level products that used a simplified form of Magic. Portal Three Kingdoms was an adaptation of the series for the Asian market, based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. Starter was another attempt, after the Portal series, to ease new players into the game.

These were eventually replaced with intro pack, planeswalker decks, and Deck Builder's Toolkits to accommodate starter-level players.[26]

Commemorative sets[edit | edit source]

Commemorative sets are non-tournament-legal, gold-bordered sets that honor and celebrate certain sets or decks.

Compilation sets[edit | edit source]

Compilation sets are reprint sets distributed in booster packs. Compilation sets are also considered to be supplemental sets.[27]

List of Magic expansions and sets[edit | edit source]

The following is a chronological list of all Magic: The Gathering expansions and sets released thus far. Old two-letter set codes used prior to the release of Torment are listed in parenthesis after the current code.

Released Set Symbol Code Type Notes
1993-08 Alpha (Limited Edition) LEA (1E) Core set Core set #1 (1st printing); Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1993-10 Beta (Limited Edition) LEB (2E) Core set Core set #1 (2nd printing); Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1993-12 Unlimited Edition 2ED (2U) Core set Core set #2; Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1993-12 Arabian Nights ARN (AN) Expansion set 1st (non-block) expansion
1994-03 Antiquities ATQ (AQ) Expansion set 2nd (non-block) expansion
1994-04 Revised Edition 3ED (3E) Core set Core set #3; Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1994-06 Legends LEG (LE) Expansion set 3rd (non-block) expansion
1994-08 The Dark DRK (DK) Expansion set 4th (non-block) expansion
1994-11 Fallen Empires FEM (FE) Expansion set 5th (non-block) expansion
1995-05 Fourth Edition 4ED (4E) Core set Core set #4; Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1995-06 Ice Age ICE (IA) Expansion set 6th expansion
1995-07 Chronicles CHR (CH) Compilation set White-bordered cards with expansion symbol from original printing
1995-08 Renaissance Compilation set
1995-10 Homelands HML (HM) Expansion set 7th (non-block) expansion
1996-06 Alliances ALL (AL) Expansion set 8th expansion
1996-10 Mirage MIR (MI) Expansion set 9th expansion
1997-02 Visions VIS (VI) Expansion set 10th expansion
1997-03 Fifth Edition 5ED (5E) Core set Core set #5; Cards do not show the expansion symbol.
1997-05 Portal POR (PO) Starter set Starter set #1
1997-06 Weatherlight WTH (WL) Expansion set 11th expansion
1997-10 Tempest TMP (TE) Expansion set 12th expansion
1998-02 Stronghold STH (ST) Expansion set 13th expansion
1998-06 Exodus EXO (EX) Expansion set 14th expansion
1998-06 Portal Second Age P02 (P2) Starter set Starter set #2
1998-08 Unglued UGL (UG) Un-set Un-set #1
1998-10 Urza's Saga USG (UZ) Expansion set 15th expansion
1998-11 Anthologies ATH Box set First box set
1999-02 Urza's Legacy ULG (UL) Expansion set 16th expansion
1999-04 Sixth Edition 6ED (6E) Core set Core set #6
1999-05 Portal Three Kingdoms PTK (PK) Starter set Starter set #3
1999-06 Urza's Destiny UDS (UD) Expansion set 17th expansion
1999-08 Starter 1999 S99 (P3) Starter set Starter set #4
1999-09 Mercadian Masques MMQ (MM) Expansion set 18th expansion
1999-11 Battle Royale BRB Box set
2000-02 Nemesis NEM (NE) Expansion set 19th expansion
2000-04 Starter 2000 S00 Starter set Starter set #5
2000-06 Prophecy PCY (PR) Expansion set 20th expansion
2000-09 Invasion INV (IN) Expansion set 21st expansion
2000-10 Beatdown BTD Box set
2001-01 Planeshift PLS (PS) Expansion set 22nd expansion
2001-04 Seventh Edition 7ED (7E) Core set Core set #7
2001-05 Apocalypse APC (AP) Expansion set 23rd expansion
2001-10 Odyssey ODY (OD) Expansion set 24th expansion
2001-12 Deckmasters 2001 DKM Box set
2002-02 Torment TOR Expansion set 25th expansion
2002-05 Judgment JUD Expansion set 26th expansion
2002-10 Onslaught ONS Expansion set 27th expansion
2003-01 Legions LGN Expansion set 28th expansion
2003-05 Scourge SCG Expansion set 29th expansion
2003-07 Eighth Edition 8ED Core set Core set #8
2003-10 Mirrodin MRD Expansion set 30th expansion
2004-02 Darksteel DST Expansion set 31st expansion
2004-06 Fifth Dawn 5DN Expansion set 32nd expansion
2004-10 Champions of Kamigawa CHK Expansion set 33rd expansion
2004-11 Unhinged UNH Un-set Un-set #2
2005-02 Betrayers of Kamigawa BOK Expansion set 34th expansion
2005-06 Saviors of Kamigawa SOK Expansion set 35th expansion
2005-07 Ninth Edition 9ED Core set Core set #9
2005-08 Salvat 2005 Compilation set Magic Encyclopedia set #1
2005-10 Ravnica: City of Guilds RAV Expansion set 36th expansion
2006-02 Guildpact GPT Expansion set 37th expansion
2006-05 Dissension DIS Expansion set 38th expansion
2006-07 Coldsnap CSP Expansion set 39th expansion
2006-10 Time Spiral TSP Expansion set 40th expansion
2007-02 Planar Chaos PLC Expansion set 41st expansion
2007-05 Future Sight FUT Expansion set 42nd expansion
2007-07 Tenth Edition 10E Core set Core set #10
2007-09 Masters Edition MED Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #1
2007-10 Lorwyn LRW Expansion set 43rd expansion
2007-11 Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins EVG Box set Duel Decks set #1
2008-02 Morningtide MOR Expansion set 44th expansion
2008-05 Shadowmoor SHM Expansion set 45th expansion
2008-06 Eventide EVE Expansion set 46th expansion
2008-08 From the Vault: Dragons DRB Box set From the Vault set #1
2008-09 Masters Edition II ME2 Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #2
2008-09 Shards of Alara ALA Expansion set 47th expansion
2008-11 Duel Decks: Jace vs. Chandra DD2 Box set Duel Decks set #2
2009-02 Conflux CON Expansion set 48th expansion
2009-04 Duel Decks: Divine vs. Demonic DDC Box set Duel Decks set #3
2009-04 Alara Reborn ARB Expansion set 49th expansion
2009-07 Magic 2010 M10 Core set Core set #11
2009-08 Commander Theme Decks TD0 Box set Magic Online only
2009-08 From the Vault: Exiled V09 Box set From the Vault set #2
2009-09 Planechase HOP Supplemental set Planechase set #1
2009-09 Masters Edition III ME3 Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #3
2009-10 Zendikar ZEN Expansion set 50th expansion
2009-10 Duel Decks: Garruk vs. Liliana DDD Box set Duel Decks set #4
2009-11 Premium Deck Series: Slivers H09 Box set Premium Deck Series set #1
2010-02 Worldwake WWK Expansion set 51st expansion
2010-03 Duel Decks: Phyrexia vs. The Coalition DDE Box set Duel Decks set #5
2010-04 Rise of the Eldrazi ROE Expansion set 52nd expansion
2010-05 Deck Builder's Toolkit Box set Deck Builder's Toolkit #1
2010-06 Duels of the Planeswalkers DPA Box set Inspired by the digital game
2010-06 Archenemy ARC Supplemental set Archenemy set #1
2010-07 Magic 2011 M11 Core set Core set #12
2010-08 From the Vault: Relics V10 Box set From the Vault set #3
2010-09 Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret DDF Box set Duel Decks set #6
2010-10 Scars of Mirrodin SOM Expansion set 53rd expansion
2010-11 Magic Online Deck Series TD0 Box set Magic Online only; Same set code and symbol as the Commander Theme Decks
2010-11 Premium Deck Series: Fire & Lightning PD2 Box set Premium Deck Series set #2
2010-11 Momir Basic Event Deck Box set Magic Online only
2011-01 Salvat 2011 Compilation set Magic Encyclopedia set #2
2011-01 Masters Edition IV ME4 Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #4
2011-02 Mirrodin Besieged MBS Expansion set 54th expansion
2011-03 Deck Builder's Toolkit 2011 Box set Deck Builder's Toolkit #2; After this release the toolkit was always part for a core or block set.
2011-04 Duel Decks: Knights vs. Dragons DDG Box set Duel Decks set #7
2011-05 New Phyrexia NPH Expansion set 55th expansion
2011-06 Commander CMD Box set Commander set #1
2011-07 Magic 2012 M12 Core set Core set #13
2011-08 From the Vault: Legends V11 Box set From the Vault set #4
2011-09 Duel Decks: Ajani vs. Nicol Bolas DDH Box set Duel Decks set #8
2011-09 Innistrad ISD Expansion set 56th expansion
2011-11 Premium Deck Series: Graveborn PD3 Box set Premium Deck Series set #3
2012-02 Dark Ascension DKA Expansion set 57th expansion
2012-03 Duel Decks: Venser vs. Koth DDI Box set Duel Decks set #9
2012-05 Avacyn Restored AVR Expansion set 58th expansion
2012-05 Planechase 2012 PC2 Supplemental set Planechase set #2
2012-07 Magic 2013 M13 Core set Core set #14
2012-08 From the Vault: Realms V12 Box set From the Vault set #5
2012-09 Duel Decks: Izzet vs. Golgari DDJ Box set Duel Decks set #10
2012-10 Return to Ravnica RTR Expansion set 59th expansion
2012-11 Commander's Arsenal CM1 Box set Commander set #2
2013-01 Duel Decks: Mirrodin Pure vs. New Phyrexia TD2 Box set Magic Online Duel Deck
2013-02 Gatecrash GTC Expansion set 60th expansion
2013-03 Duel Decks: Sorin vs. Tibalt DDK Box set Duel Decks set #11
2013-05 Dragon's Maze DGM Expansion set 61st expansion
2013-06 Modern Masters MMA Compilation set Masters set #1
2013-07 Magic 2014 M14 Core set Core set #15
2013-08 From the Vault: Twenty V13 Box set From the Vault set #6
2013-09 Duel Decks: Heroes vs. Monsters DDL Box set Duel Decks set #12
2013-09 Theros THS Expansion set 62nd expansion
2013-11 Commander 2013 C13 Box set Commander set #3
2014-02 Born of the Gods BNG Expansion set 63rd expansion
2014-03 Duel Decks: Jace vs. Vraska DDM Box set Duel Decks set #13
2014-05 Journey into Nyx JOU Expansion set 64th expansion
2014-05 Modern Event Deck MD1 Box set
2014-06 Conspiracy CNS Supplemental set Conspiracy set #1
2014-06 Vintage Masters VMA Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #5
2014-07 Magic 2015 M15 Core set Core set #16
2014-08 From the Vault: Annihilation V14 Box set From the Vault set #7
2014-10 Duel Decks: Speed vs. Cunning DDN Box set Duel Decks set #14
2014-10 Khans of Tarkir KTK Expansion set 65th expansion
2014-11 Commander 2014 C14 Box set Commander set #4
2014-12 Duel Decks Anthology DD3 Box set Duel Decks reprint set
2015-01 Fate Reforged FRF Expansion set 66th expansion
2015-02 Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Kiora DDO Box set Duel Decks set #15
2015-03 Dragons of Tarkir DTK Expansion set 67th expansion
2015-05 Tempest Remastered TPR Compilation set Magic Online Masters set #6
2015-05 Modern Masters 2015 MM2 Compilation set Masters set #2
2015-07 Magic Origins ORI Core set Core set #17
2015-08 From the Vault: Angels V15 Box set From the Vault set #8
2015-08 Duel Decks: Zendikar vs. Eldrazi DDP Box set Duel Decks set #16
2015-10 Battle for Zendikar BFZ Expansion set 68th expansion
Zendikar Expeditions EXP Compilation set Masterpiece Series set #1 (Battle for Zendikar block)
2015-11 Commander 2015 C15 Box set Commander set #5
2015-11 Legendary Cube PZ1 Compilation set Magic Online only
2016-01 Oath of the Gatewatch OGW Expansion set 69th expansion
2016-02 Duel Decks: Blessed vs. Cursed DDQ Box set Duel Decks set #17
2016-04 Welcome Deck 2016 W16 Compilation set Welcome Deck set #1
2016-04 Shadows over Innistrad SOI Expansion set 70th expansion
2016-06 Eternal Masters EMA Compilation set Masters set #3
2016-07 Eldritch Moon EMN Expansion set 71st expansion
2016-08 From the Vault: Lore V16 Box set From the Vault set #9
2016-08 Conspiracy: Take the Crown CN2 Supplemental set Conspiracy set #2
2016-09 Duel Decks: Nissa vs. Ob Nixilis DDR Box set Duel Decks set #18
2016-09 Kaladesh KLD Expansion set 72nd expansion
Kaladesh Inventions MPS Compilation set Masterpiece Series set #2 (Kaladesh block)
2016-10 Treasure Chests PZ2 Compilation set Magic Online only
2016-11 Commander 2016 C16 Box set Commander set #6
2016-11 You Make the Cube Compilation set Magic Online only
2016-11 Planechase Anthology PCA Box set Planechase set #3
2017-01 Aether Revolt AER Expansion set 73rd expansion
2017-03 Modern Masters 2017 MM3 Compilation set Masters set #4
2017-03 Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might DDS Box set Duel Decks set #19
2017-04 Welcome Deck 2017 W17 Compilation set Welcome Deck set #2
2017-04 Amonkhet AKH Expansion set 74th expansion
Amonkhet Invocations MP2 Compilation set Masterpiece Series set #3 (Amonkhet block)
2017-06 Commander Anthology CMA Box set Commander set #7
2017-06 Archenemy: Nicol Bolas E01 Supplemental set Archenemy set #2, Annex set #1
2017-07 Hour of Devastation HOU Expansion set 75th expansion
2017-08 Commander 2017 C17 Box set Commander set #8
2017-09 Ixalan XLN Expansion set 76th expansion
2017-11 Duel Decks: Merfolk vs. Goblins DDT Box set Duel Decks set #20
2017-11 Iconic Masters IMA Compilation set Masters set #5
2017-11 Explorers of Ixalan E02 Supplemental set Annex set #2
2017-11 From the Vault: Transform V17 Box set From the Vault set #10
2017-12 Unstable UST Un-set Un-set #3
2018-01 Rivals of Ixalan RIX Expansion set 77th expansion
2018-03 Masters 25 A25 Compilation set Masters set #6
2018-04 Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors DDU Box set Duel Decks set #21
2018-04 Challenger Decks Q01 Box set Challenger Decks set #1
2018-04 Dominaria DOM Expansion set 78th expansion
2018-06 Commander Anthology Volume II CM2 Box set Commander set #9
2018-06 Battlebond BBD Supplemental set
2018-06 Signature Spellbook: Jace SS1 Box set Signature Spellbook set #1
2018-06 Global Series: Jiang Yanggu & Mu Yanling GS1 Box set Global Series set #1
2018-07 Core Set 2019 M19 Core set Core set #18
2018-08 Commander 2018 C18 Box set Commander set #10
2018-10 Guilds of Ravnica Mythic Edition MED Special edition
2018-10 Guilds of Ravnica GRN Expansion set 79th expansion
2018-10 Spellslinger Starter Kit SK1 Box set Spellslinger set #1
2018-11 Guilds of Ravnica Guild Kits GK1 Box set Annex set #4, 1st set of Guild Kits
2018-11 Game Night GNT Box set Game Night set #1
2018-12 Ultimate Masters UMA Compilation set Masters set #7
2018-10 Ravnica Allegiance Mythic Edition MED Special edition
2019-01 Ravnica Allegiance RNA Expansion set 80th expansion
2019-02 Ravnica Allegiance Guild Kits GK2 Box set Annex set #5, 2nd set of Guild Kits
2019-04 Challenger Decks 2019 Q02 Box set Challenger Decks set #2
2019-05 War of the Spark Mythic Edition MED Special edition
2019-05 War of the Spark WAR Expansion set 81st expansion
2019-06 Modern Horizons MH1 Supplemental set Straight to Modern set #1
2019-06 Signature Spellbook: Gideon SS2 Box set Signature Spellbook set #2
2019-07 Core Set 2020 M20 Core set Core set #19
2019-08 Commander 2019 C19 Box set Commander set #10
2019-10 Throne of Eldraine ELD Expansion set 82nd expansion
2019-11 Mystery Booster MB1 Supplemental set Chaos Draft set #1 (Convention Edition)
2019-11 Challenger Decks 2019 Japan Box set Challenger Decks set #2b
2019-11 Game Night 2019 GN2 Box set Game Night set #2
2019-12 Secret Lair Drop Series SLD Box set Secret Lair release #1
2020-01 Theros Beyond Death THB Expansion set 83rd expansion
2020-01 Secret Lair Drop Series: Year of the Rat SLD Box set Secret Lair release #2
2020-02 Secret Lair Drop Series: Theros Stargazing SLD Box set Secret Lair release #3
2020-02 Unsanctioned UND Box set Un-set #4
2020-03 Secret Lair Drop Series: International Women's Day SLD Box set Secret Lair release #4
2020-03 Secret Lair Drop Series: Thalia - Beyond the Helvault SLD Box set Secret Lair release #5
2020-03 Mystery Booster Retail Edition MB1 Supplemental set Chaos Draft set #1 (Retail Edition)
2020-03 Challenger Decks 2020 Q03 Box set Challenger Decks set #3
2020-04 Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths IKO Expansion set 84th expansion
2020-04 Commander 2020 C20 Box set Commander set #11
2020-05 Secret Lair Drop Series: The Godzilla Lands SLD Box set Secret Lair release #7
2020-06 Secret Lair Drop Series: Summer Superdrop SLD Box set Secret Lair release #8
2020-06 Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition SLU Box set Secret Lair release #9
2020-06 Signature Spellbook: Chandra SS3 Box set Signature Spellbook set #3
2020-07 Core Set 2021 M21 Core set Core set #20
2020-07 Jumpstart JMP Supplemental set
2020-08 Double Masters 2XM Compilation set Masters set #8
2020-08 Amonkhet Remastered AKR Compilation set MTG Arena set #1
2020-08 Secret Lair Drop Series: Prime Slime SLD Box set Secret Lair release #10
2020-08 Secret Lair Drop Series: Every Dog Has Its Day SLD Box set Secret Lair release #11
2020-09 Zendikar Rising ZNR Expansion set 85th expansion
2020-09 Zendikar Rising Expeditions ZNE Compilation set Masterpiece Series set #4
2020-09 Zendikar Rising Commander Decks ZNC Box set Commander Decks set #1
2020-11 Secret Lair Drop Series: Extra Life 2020 SLD Box set Secret Lair release #12
2020-11 Kaladesh Remastered KLR Compilation set MTG Arena set #2
2020-11 Commander Legends CMR Supplemental set
2020-11 Commander Legends Commander Decks CMC Box set Commander Decks set #2
2020-11 Secret Lair Drop Series: Secretversary SLD Box set Secret Lair release #13
2020-12 Commander Collection: Green CC1 Box set Commander Collection #1
2021-02 Kaldheim KHM Expansion set 86th expansion
2021-02 Kaldheim Commander Decks KHC Box set Commander Decks set #3
2021-02 Secret Lair Drop Series: Smitten SLD Box set Secret Lair release #14
2021-02 Secret Lair Drop Series: Black is Magic SLD Box set Secret Lair release #15
2021-03 Time Spiral Remastered TSR Expansion set Masters set #9
2021-03 Challenger Decks 2021 Q04 Box set Challenger Decks set #4
2021-04 Strixhaven: School of Mages STX Expansion set 87th expansion
2021-04 Mystical Archive STA Compilation set
2021-04 Commander 2021 C21 Expansion set Commander set #12
2021-05 Secret Lair: Ultimate Edition 2 SLU Box set Secret Lair release #15
2021-06 Modern Horizons 2 MH2 Supplemental set Straight to Modern set #2
2021-07 Dungeons & Dragons: Adventures in the Forgotten Realms AFR Expansion set 88th expansion. Replaces Core set 2022.
2021-09 Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Expansion set 89th expansion
2021-11 Innistrad: Crimson Vow Expansion set 90th expansion
2021-Q4 Pioneer Masters Compilation set MTG Arena set #3

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Rise of the Eldrazi, Avacyn Restored, and Dragons of Tarkir are each the third expansion of its respective block. They are large expansions to highlight and provide room for a dramatic reboot in gameplay and tone. The second set in Return to Ravnica block, Gatecrash, was made large to allow a new distribution of the ten guilds.

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