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Theme decks

Shadowmoor features five two-colored, allied-colored theme decks.[1]

Army of Entropy[]

Army of Entropy is a black/red theme deck with a thematic focus on -1/-1 counters.

“  If you're ready to win without mercy, then the Army of Entropy deck is for you. This horde of marauding creatures is supplemented by spells and abilities that load up your opponent's creatures with -1/-1 counters. If Scar, Puncture Bolt, or a creature with wither kills an enemy creature, you're rewarded with another -1/-1 counter for a different creature, courtesy of Blowfly Infestation!

What happens if the -1/-1 counters don't inflict death on their recipients? No problem—Kulrath Knight will neutralize those creatures anyway. Barring that, your ravenous forces can just run over the depleted defenders. By the time you play Din of the Fireherd to both add to your army and demolish your opponent's board position, the game is all but over.[2]

SHM Army of Entropy.gif
Army of Entropy

The rares in this deck are Ashenmoor Liege and Din of the Fireherd.

Aura Mastery[]

Aura Mastery is a white/blue theme deck with a thematic focus on auras.

“  When playing the Aura Mastery deck, you control the Auras, so you'll control the game! Prison Term and Curse of Chains are Auras that lock down your opponent's creatures. Armored Ascension and Steel of the Godhead are Auras that enhance your own creatures, supercharging them into mighty combatants. Mine Excavation can return an expended Aura from your graveyard to your hand. And Glamer Spinners, which can be played at any time, moves Auras from one permanent to another—including itself—when it comes into play!

But the fun doesn't end there! When you consider the cards that create surprise blockers and the cards that let you tap your opponent's creatures at will, it will be clear that Auras aren't the only things you've mastered.[2]

SHM Aura Mastery.gif

The rares in this deck are Thistledown Liege and Twilight Shepherd.

Mortal Coil[]

Mortal Coil is a blue/black theme deck with a thematic focus on -1/-1 counters.

“  Like to exploit weakness? Then grab the Mortal Coil deck! This deck focuses on tricks you can pull with -1/-1 counters. Of course, the most basic "trick" is simply to put them on your opponent's creatures, which Grim Poppet, Torture, and Incremental Blight do with ease. But you're cleverer than that!

The deck has lots of creatures with persist, like Gravelgill Axeshark. When one dies, if it didn't have a -1/-1 counter on it, it'll return to play with a -1/-1 counter. Then use Leech Bonder or Fate Transfer to move that -1/-1 counter to one of your opponent's creatures! Your opponent gets weaker, you get stronger, and persist is set to go again. Winning the game has never been so hilariously cruel.[2]

SHM Mortal Coil.gif

The rares in this deck are Grim Poppet and River Kelpie.


Overkill is a red/green aggro theme deck.

“  If you believe that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, then the Overkill deck is right up your alley. It's filled with brutal creatures like Boggart Ram-Gang and spells like Flame Javelin that'll burn your opponent's creatures to a crisp. But when you're tired of fighting fair, the deck pulls out its secret weapons!

Jaws of Stone deals damage equal to the number of Mountains you control. Howl of the Night Pack gives you a 2/2 Wolf for each Forest you control. Both are good in their own right. However, thanks to Elsewhere Flask and Prismatic Omen—which turn all your lands into Mountains or Forests—these mighty spells can be mind-bogglingly, jaw-droppingly explosive.[2]

SHM Overkill.gif

The rares in this deck are Mossbridge Troll and Prismatic Omen.


Turnabout is a green/white theme deck with a thematic focus on {Q} and creature tokens.

“  Normally, tapping your creatures leaves you defenseless. With the Turnabout deck, having a bunch of tapped creatures leaves you primed to strike! Safehold Sentry, Pale Wayfarer, and any creature equipped by Umbral Mantle have {Q} abilities that let them untap to provide an awesome bonus! Devoted Druid and Barrenton Medic can also untap at a moment's notice.

Take advantage of all your extra untaps not just by being ready to block, but also by playing spells with conspire, by using Revelsong Horn to pump up a creature, and by enchanting a creature with Presence of Gond to quickly create an army of Elves. Use your tapping and untapping tricks to support a swarming, opportunistic fighting force, and you'll run circles around your opponent![2]

SHM Turnabout.gif

The rares in this deck are Rhys the Redeemed and Wilt-Leaf Liege.


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