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Shanodin is the forested region on the large unnamed island in the eastern Domains,[1][2]. Other locations on the island include Amjad, Oneah and Savaea. It is located south of Oneah. Dryads are fairly common within its borders. Little is known of this place, for few who enter here survive, and those who do cannot bear to speak of their experiences within.

Here lies the Heart of Shanodin, a lush region surrounded by a wall of brambles, so rich in trees that there are no clearings. It is inhabited by the Shanodin dryads. The Heart has the unique power to reveal one's inner self. In the words of the Seer Odamulus: "in Shanodin's Heart a man lives his heart of hearts and follows the path that he wills not or dares not. In Shanodin's Heart, all hearts are revealed". The tyrant Amjad is known to bring his servants into the Heart of Shanodin, in order to know the real nature of those whom he chooses to keep at his side.[3]

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