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Rikkig, Gardagig and Dargig
Race Goblin
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime After the Mending
Commander 2013

Rikkig, Gardagig and Dargig, known collectively as the Shattergang Brothers, are a gang of goblin artificers for hire on Ravnica.

These black market weapons runners take pride in their work and joy in destruction jobs. No job is too small or person too important for this goblin family. The Shattergang Brothers were sought after by rogues and priests alike, and even the Rakdos had been known to hire them for jobs that need a bombastic finesse. These goblins can take out (or better yet, blow up) any problem of their client, like Izzet mages (creatures), sneaky gargoyles (artifacts), or even pesky curses (enchantments), for a most reasonable price. The Boros and Azorius both put prices on their heads, but the Shattergangs' eluded capture time and time again.[1]

The younger brother, Dargig, who specialized in explosives and had a reputation for running his mouth, was killed by the goblin mob boss Krenko when a weapon drop went bad. This act was the start of a goblin gang war on Ravnica: the remaining Shattergang Brothers issued an ultimatum to the Boros, demanding that the Legion turned Krenko to them, or they would destroy Boros territory. The planeswalker Gideon Jura intervened. He managed to capture Gardagig, who gave up the location of the Shattergang hideout. Here, Gideon confronted Rikkig. Gideon managed to put Rikkig out of the fight, but while the planeswalker was busy saving the goblin's prisoners from an accidental fire, the last Shattergang Brother managed to flee.[2]

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