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The Sheoltun empire is a former military state in central Aerona on Dominaria. It originated during the Ice Age as a mercantile affiliation between several trading fleets.[1] Its capital was Benfosa.

Sheoltun's most famed administrator was Tobias Andrion. He was instrumental in establishing the young empire's military dominance over its neighbors. His true legacy to central Aerona was his successful campaign to eliminate the longstanding organized piracy in the region. Although Sheoltun already held the mainland with an iron grip when Tobias was born, it was not yet established on the islands. He battled the pirates of the Spice Isles over a course of three decades. After his death, the might of Sheoltun eventually declined around 3500 AR, with the start of the collapse heralded by the uprising of Epityr. A song-mage of Almaaz summoned Serra Angels in a revolt in the Terisiare colonies.[2] Ultimately the uprising resulted in Sheoltun losing its hold on the continent and the fall of that empire. The Empire was succeeded by Benalia.

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