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Ship is an atypical, and now obsolete, blue creature type used for cards picturing ships and zeppelins. Pirate Ship established Ship as a creature type all the way back in Alpha, though it would be quite a while before the odd line “Creature — Ship” actually appeared on Talas Air Ship.

In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtype Ship was eliminated, mostly replaced by the race of the shipscrew. The one exception is the silver-bordered Toy Boat from Unhinged which remained as a Ship artifact creature.


Former ships[]

Never been ship-type[]

Exception to the rule[]

  • Toy Boat from Unhinged never has changed from being an Artifact Creature — Ship.


Because non-creature artifacts never have creature types these Ships never were named as such in the type line:

After the introduction of the artifact subtype Vehicle, Ships were heavily featured as such in the Ixalan block.