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Plane Kamigawa
Part of Takenuma

Shizo (Japanese: () (ぞう) ; rōmaji: Shizō; literally: "Death's Storehouse") is a battlefield on the plane of Kamigawa.

More than a hundred years before the rise of Konda, it was a verdant field with beautiful flowers, until two great daimyo set their armies against one another for nothing more than greed and ambition. After 891 samurai were killed all in one battle, in the name of such dishonorable causes, the meadow where they battled became a forbidden mire of mummified corpses in the mud.

It was said that the blood of the warriors flowed into the neighbouring bamboo forest, turning it into a fetid bog, now called Takenuma. From then on, the swamp was covered in perpetual dusk, and only the nezumi gangs lived willingly in its darkness.[1]

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