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Race Human
Birthplace Bretagard, Kaldheim
Lifetime Mending Era

Sigrid, God-Favored is a human warrior from Kaldheim.


Sigrid is the spiritual leader of the Beskir. Long ago, Sigrid's ancestor Hurrik saved the god Alrund's life. As thanks, Alrund gifted the whole of Feltmark to Hurrik and his descendants and gave them his protective blessing. Alrund's word remains true, and Sigrid carries the same blessing. When she was young, she was approached by a Cosmos Bear. It came to her but did not attack. It instead pressed its snout against her forehead, then returned to the forest from which it came. This was seen as a renewal of Alrund's pledge, a sign of the favor of the gods, and an endorsement of Sigrid's leadership.[1]

Sigrid, along with the other leaders of the human Clans, lead the Bretagard armies against the invading army that swept open Omenpaths during Tibalt's Doomskar. After the great battle she told the others that the peoples of Bretagard would have a lot of work to hunt down the stragglers of the invading army that escaped. And together with the other leaders of the Clan she agreed with King Harald that elves and humans must live in peace until the elves would manage to return to Skemfar.[2]

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 5: The Battle for Kaldheim Roy Graham with contributions by Jenna Helland 2021-02-03 Kaldheim Kaldheim Kaya, Tyvar Kell, Arni, Fynn, Inga, Sigrid, Alrund, Hakka, Varragoth, Cosima, Harald, Halvar, Koma, Niko Aris, Esika, Vorinclex

In-game references[]

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