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Silverquill College
College of Eloquence
Silverquill insignia.jpg
Sharp Style. Sharper Wit.
Founded on Arcavios
Founded by Shadrix Silverquill
Notable members Breena, Embrose Lu, Extus Narr (Ex-member), Fain, Felisa Fang, Killian Lu, Nils, Razineth, Shadrix Silverquill, Shaile
Associated Colors

Silverquill is the College of Eloquence at Strixhaven University on the plane of Arcavios. It is {W}{B} aligned and has the Inklings as mascots. The founder of the college is the elder dragon Shadrix Silverquill.[1]


Silverquills wield the magic of words, from inspiring battle poetry to biting arcane insults. Stylish, intimidating, and tirelessly competitive, these mages are born leaders with a razor-sharp wit and natural charisma that can be used for good or for ill.[2] This power is what fuels the internal conflict for Silverquill; the power of words is inherently self-biased, so should those with this power use it for themselves (ambition and black mana) or for the good of society (order and white mana)?

Silverquill members know the potency of words and how to wield them - sometimes quite literally - as weapons. Silverquill mages speak their magic into being or otherwise use a trademark pitch-black ink for both offense and defense. Stylish in the classroom and in combat, the members of this college take their guiding motto - “Sharp Style. Sharper Wit.” - to heart. The preeminent Silverquill is competitive and strong-willed, with the courage to lead and the mental acuity to reckon with the cost. [3]

From all colleges, Silverquill has the fastest magic because words can be spoken quickly (unlike mixing ingredients, for example). Because of this they are also the most adept in combat magic, and their training has military aspects.[4] Unfortunately, Silverquill also produces the most school bullies.

Vainglories are Silverquill mages who use words to inspire or reproach, which can cause intense changes in their target's emotional state.[5] Eloquents, a highly sought-after position for Silverquill graduates, are the supreme arbiters of the cosmos and enforcers of all magical contracts on Arcavios.[6]

Colors Dichotomy[]


The white side of Silverquill is about using the power of language to uplift and inspire their allies and shine a light on the evils of society. Inkwrights, glyphweavers, and quillmancers conjure energizing verses that manifest as living ink. Warsingers, silvertongues, and battle poets use the power of their vocal performance to stir hearts and energize the air around them. Vainglories and honormancers wield the power of a perfectly crafted compliment (often directed at themselves) to enhance a person's most splendid attribute. Scornmages and lumimancers bring light to bear on shameful situations and hold corrupt institutions to account. Shaile Talonrook, an Owlin, is Silverquill's white-aligned dean.

Black The black side of Silverquill is about the power of language to point out stinging truths and attack their rivals. Bantermages, shadelocks, witstingers, and daunters use their incisive observations to pierce the confidence of their rivals. Inkcasters, duskmages, and shadewings can conjure inky voids of shadow magic, sometimes crafting them into living flying creatures called inklings or weapons made of pure darkness. [7] Second-year Silverquill student Killian Lu's father, Embrose, is the black-aligned Dean of Silverquill.[8]


Black-aligned mages in Silverquill sometimes craft shadow magic into flying creatures called inklings. These living, inky voids can serve as helpers and pets, but their physical attacks can also be devastating, tearing at an opponent's life force. Their fluid, changeable forms alter to reflect their creator's thoughts and intentions.

College Locations[]

  • The main Silverquill building is Grandloft Hall, a vast train-station-like space with shafts of light streaking in from the enchanted windowpanes far above. Grandloft is filled with balconies, loges, booths, daises, and other spaces where orators can perform their craft. Inklings flit around the high windowed ceiling, and enchanted spotlights automatically focus on any mage who's using powerful magic.[7]
  • The Rose Stage is a rotating circular platform on the Silverquill campus with a backdrop of roses made of magical ink (tributes left by spectators of past performances) that create excellent acoustics. Mage-students meet at the Rose Stage to practice performances, spar, or engage in honor duels. Professors and faculty often observe performances at the Rose Stage, watching and coaching the students' magical displays from the sidelines.
  • The Dramarium is a facility where Silverquill students train in physical fitness, dance, martial arts, and other acts of physical performance. Students can avail themselves of the preparation space called the Gray Room (actually a chain of rooms), which has hair and makeup salons, voice rehearsal booths, mirrored oration rehearsal spaces, and spa facilities. The back of the Dramarium has a special sensory deprivation chamber for mage-students who want complete silence in which to meditate and center themselves.[7]

Silverquill Majors[]

  • Communications
  • Ethics
  • Foreign Languages
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics
  • Literature
  • Law
  • Marketing/Advertising
  • Public Relations
  • Rhetoric
  • Speech
  • Writing[9][10]


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