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The Sisters of Flesh and Spirit were the guardians of Kamigawa after the Kami War.


The Sisters were the embodiment of the barrier between the mortal and the spirit world. They were a new type of spirit and flesh fusion entity, born from the mortal woman Michiko Konda and Kyodai, the kami offspring of O-Kagachi.

The new beings still bore the appearance of their original forms, but they had a wide range of magical abilities born from the combination. Their first act after their birth - the union of Michiko and Kyodai - was destruction of O-Kagachi and taking his place, and punishing the individuals responsible for the countless sufferings of the Kami War - daimyo Konda and Mochi. After this, the sisters set to calm down the kami and end the war, because its reason was eliminated. They also intended to redefine the ways how the magic on Kamigawa functioned.

Although this specific unions ended when Michiko died, the dragon spirit Kyodai still has a special bond with each current emperor of Kamigawa. The mortal and spiritual realms of Kamigawa now peacefully exist together. Kyodai oversees the spiritual side, while the current emperor oversees the mortal side.

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