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Lexya, Lydya, Ludmilla
Race Gorgon
Birthplace Ravnica
Lifetime Post-Guildpact

The Sisters of Stone Death were usurper guildmasters of the Golgari Swarm on Ravnica.[1]


Originally a quintet, the Sisters worked as lieutenants of the Golgari parun, the necromancer Svogthir. They turned against their master and overthrew him, at the cost of the lives of two of them. Thanks to his mystical power, they weren't able to turn him into stone. They instead imprisoned him, broke every bone in his body, and sealed his remains in the Undercity.

The three sisters wore the names Lexya, Lydya, and Ludmilla. Their reign was built primarily on the support of the non-humanoid teratogen members of the Golgari. However, their rule came to a sudden end when the Devkarin matka Savra (with the help of Szadek) found Svogthir and created a new body for him. The former guildmaster challenged the Sisters and swiftly killed two of them, making Ludmilla the last living sister, and many believed her the last living member of the gorgon race on Ravnica. Ludmilla yielded to Svogthir, only to find later that even Svogthir was tricked by the true new guildmaster, Savra. Ludmilla later led the Golgari attack on Centerfort during the Decamillennial. After Savra and Szadek's fall, the Wojek managed to deflect the attack, with the help of Feather, who granted Ludmilla mercy as long as the gorgon promised to never show her face on the surface again.

Ludmilla now lurks in Ravnica's Undercity, surrounded by hundreds of her petrified victims, and dreams of one day reclaiming control of the Golgari Swarm.[2]

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