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2-Player Starter Set

Classic Sixth Edition 2-Player Starter Set

The Classic Sixth Edition 2-Player Starter Set was released as part of the Sixth Edition core set.



Your entry point into advanced-level play.

The Magic: The Gathering - Classic game has everything you need to step up to advanced-level Magic play. Players familiar with starter-level products, including Magic: The Gathering-Portal and Portal Second Age, will find new strategies and play options in the Classic game. You can play these decks right out of the box or combine them with other Magic: The Gathering cards. If you haven't played Magic before, look for a starter-level Magic: The Gathering trading card game.

Object of the Game In this strategy game, you play with decks of illustrated cards instead of a board. These collectible cards represent magical spells and fantastic creatures. The object of the game is to reduce your opponent's score from 20 to 0 before he or she does the same to you!

This game box contains

  • Two 40-card, ready-to-play decks of Classic cards
  • An easy-reference rulebook
  • A play guide to walk you through your first advanced-level game


Contents of Classic Sixth Edition 2-Player Starter Set

  • 2 40-card preconstructed decks
  • 1 rulebook
  • 1 play guide


Deck A
Deck B

Product information[]

  • SKU: WOC16542
  • ISBN: 1-57530-600-X
  • GTIN: 7 42818 16542 6

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