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Planeswalkers Vivien Reid
Status Destroyed

Skalla was the home plane of the planeswalker Vivien Reid. It was destroyed by Nicol Bolas.[1]

Skalla was deeply divided between the Smaragdi forest dwellers and the Nura, an advanced civilization that encircled the dwindling woodlands.[2] Vivien belonged to the Smaragdi, rangers and druids sworn to protect the multitude of forest creatures. But civilization was constantly encroaching, and the Smaragdi were fighting a losing battle against the soldiers of progress.

Nicol Bolas took an interest in the Nura and their innovations, and though its archmages tried in vain to fight back, they were no match for the ruthless dragon. After plundering them for their secrets, Bolas decided the plane was of no more use to him and began to destroy it. In desperation, the Nura fled to the forest, but by then, there was no safe place to hide. Sensing that their doom was imminent, the Nura and Smaragdi combined their collective magic into a unique artifact, the Arkbow, which contained an invocation of every creature that ever lived on Skalla. Their plan was to use the Arkbow in a last stand battle against Nicol Bolas. But as the forest erupted into flames and the battle was lost, Vivien instinctively planeswalked to safety with the Arkbow.

Skalla is now completely dead.[3]


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