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Skirsdag high priest.jpg
Founded on Innistrad
Notable members Aldreg, Jerren, Jofridus

Born from ancient demon-worship, the Skirsdag are now a secret demon cult centered in the High City of Thraben on Innistrad.[1][2]


This secret organization has human members in all levels of the church, nobility, and the trades.

Although small, it has been in existence for generations. When the demon Griselbrand rose in power to eclipse all other demons, the Skirsdag gained prominence as well. Griselbrand disappeared around the same time that Avacyn did, leaving the humans of the Skirsdag to further his ends in their lord's absence. They impatiently waited for another demon to require their devotion. Ormendahl didn't make them wait for long. In the name of this Profane Prince they came to control the Lunarch Council.[3]

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