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Plane Kaldheim
Part of Karfell

Skybreen is a mountain range on Karfell, Kaldheim.[1]


The blizzard-wracked Skybreen is no place for the meek to visit. The scouring winds tear at gear and skin alike; the frigid temperatures congeal the blood and generate a frosty deterrent to magic; ice sheets, as sharp as straight razors, slice up travelers and form blind cliffs in the constant blizzards. In a realm dominated by undead hordes, the last living humans survive here. They are a primitive barbarian race in a constant state of warfare and deathly paranoid of outsiders,[2] known for their lack of hospitality or reasoned discourse, they practice both surgery and diplomacy with axes.


  • The name "Skybreen" literally means "cloud glacier" in Norwegian. Sky translates to "cloud" and Breen translates to "glacier".

In-game references[]

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