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Plane Ikoria
Part of Indatha

Skysail is a "city" in the sky of Ikoria, made of dozens of balloon-driven airships.[1]

Description[edit | edit source]

Skysail's inhabitants are apparently descended from the survivors of Orn, a walled sanctuary in Indatha destroyed long ago by monsters. The sanctuary's balloons and rudder-sails grant it almost permanent flight, allowing it to fly high above the threat of monsters that walk, crawl, or swim. Its floors and girders are made from extremely light wood and hollow pterodactyl bones, and individual balloon-ships can detach or reattach at will.

Skysail's survival strategy is mobility. The flying sanctuary never stays in one place for very long, in order to avoid the migration paths of Ikoria's many flying monsters. When an attack happens, Skysail can scatter into many smaller pieces and reassemble later in a safe place, or send off decoy ships to lure flying threats away from the main bulk of the fleet. The sanctuary's worst nightmare is Xyris, the Writhing Storm, a flying snake leviathan that sometimes follows the city around.[2]

The people of Skysail are bold and independent, preferring a life on the move to sitting and waiting for an attack. Though the sanctuary boasts a military force, their usual approach to hostile monsters is mostly to leave them alone.

Skysail is a trading place for goods from far-off lands.[3]


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