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Sliver Overlord
Race Sliver mutation
Birthplace Riptide Project, Otaria, Dominaria
Lifetime 4306-4306 AR

The Sliver Overlord was a sort of "ultimate" sliver, created in a strange sequence of events in 4306 Argivian Reckoning.[1]

The Riptide Project recreated slivers after their extinction during the Apocalypse, but the Riptide wizards were unaware of the importance of the Sliver Queen and thus did not recreate her. In her absence the slivers went rampant and overran the Riptide island.

At the same time the Mirari was wreaking havoc all over Otaria. The magical waves it produced accelerated the slivers' growth, but also lured them onto the mainland since they confused its call with that of their deceased queen. The majority of the slivers were thus present during the battle at Averru and were killed in the magical explosion that created Karona. A small group of slivers survived however, and fused into the "ultimate manifestation of the hive mind", the Sliver Overlord.

What happened to the slivers afterwards is unknown, but it is generally believed that after Karona's death the Overlord was separated, and they once again lost their leadership.

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