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Race Dinosaur Cat Nightmare
Birthplace Ikoria
Lifetime Mending Era

Snapdax, the All-Hunter is the apex monster of the Savai triome on Ikoria.

This ferocious hunter lives in a cavern lair, which is adorned by the trophies from its kills, in a twisted show of justice, since usually humans are the ones who display their hunting trophies. The planeswalker Vivien Reid stumbled upon the cavern full of skulls while exploring the mesa of Savai. Vivien managed to flee from the rapidly waking Snapdax only thanks to her fast-moving Monstrosaur.[1]

Snapdax is an unrivaled predator, combining cat-like cleverness and nightmarish stealth with dinosaur aggression. It can be said that it is the most efficient killing machine.

An ancient tale tells of Snapdax destroying early human settlements all across Savai. According to the legend, the survivors of the attacks joined forces to build a new sanctuary together, which they named Drannith.[2]

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