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Sokenzan (Japanese: (そう) (けん) (ざん) ; rōmaji: Sōkenzan; literally: "Frosty Sword Mountains") is Kamigawa's largest mountain range.[1]


Sokenzan is inhabited by akki, yamabushi shamans, as well as bandits and ronin (masterless samurai) ruled by the bandit king, Godo. At its heart are the Tendo Peaks, where the Yuki-onna roam freely.

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep, is also located within the range. There Hidetsugu and his o-bakemono practised the summoning of oni.

The guardian dragon of the Sokenzan is Ryusei.


The Sokenzan Mountains. Art by John Avon.

Godo controls a territory of the mountains on towards the south. His territory shares northern borders with Akki controlled territory,[2] and with Towabara. His border with Towabara is broken up by a number of natural rock formations.[3]

  • Ganzan Pass. A treacherous pass through the Sokenzan Range; means “rock-cut”.
  • Shinka Keep. An ogre-mage hermitage.
    • It is located within two days walk from the edge of the Jukai Forest.[4]
  • Tendo Peaks. The impossibly steep, spire-like mountains in the heart of the Sokenzan Range.
    • Untaidake, the tallest mountain of the Tendo Peaks.
    • Heart of Frost, another mountain
      • It is located in the cold western edge of the range, most of a day's walk from the Takenuma border.[5]
  • Sokenzanshi, a hardy, self-reliant city built right into the sides of the mountains.[6]

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