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Sokenzan (Japanese: (そう) (けん) (ざん) ; rōmaji: Sōkenzan; literally: "Frosty Sword Mountains") is Kamigawa's largest mountain range.[1] It is inhabited by akki, yamabushi shamans, as well as bandits and ronin (masterless samurai) ruled by the bandit king, Godo. At its heart are the Tendo Peaks, where the Yuki-onna roam freely.

Shinka, the Bloodsoaked Keep, is also located within the range. There Hidetsugu and his o-bakemono practised the summoning of oni.

The guardian dragon of the Sokenzan is Ryusei.

Minor locations[]

The Sokenzan Mountains. Art by John Avon.

Godo controls a territory of the mountains on towards the south. His territory shares northern borders with Akki controlled territory,[2] and with Towabara. His border with Towabara is broken up by a number of natural rock formations.[3]

  • Ganzan Pass. A treacherous pass through the Sokenzan Range; means “rock-cut”.
  • Shinka Keep. An ogre-mage hermitage.
    • It is located within two days walk from the edge of the Jukai Forest.[4]
  • Tendo Peaks. The impossibly steep, spire-like mountains in the heart of the Sokenzan Range.
    • Untaidake, the tallest mountain of the Tendo Peaks.
    • Heart of Frost, another mountain
      • It is located in the cold western edge of the range, most of a day's walk from the Takenuma border.[5]
  • Sokenzan City[6]

Notable inhabitants of Sokenzan[]

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