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Race Demon (Maro-Sorcerer corrupt)
Birthplace Dominaria, continent of Corondor, Khone
Lifetime Unknown
Dakkon Blackblade (comic)

Sol'Kanar (a.k.a The Swamp King) was a Force of Nature from Dominaria, which was corrupted by Geyadrone Dihada.


Originally a benevolent nature spirit, Sol'Kanar was twisted into a minion of the planeswalker Dihada while she turned the forest he represented, Khone, into a large marsh. He waged war on the countries of Corondor in her name and constructed her Unholy Citadel, a giant castle walking on spidery limbs, out of the bones of the dead. He was given the Black Blade Dakkon had forged for Dihada. When Dakkon fought her, Sol'Kanar served as Dihada's champion. He was defeated however and later Dihada tricked Dakkon into becoming her new champion. She then left Sol'Kanar on his own as she started to wander the planes again.

After that, Sol'Kanar occasionally appeared to the tribes and spread the belief that he was a god, and became the undisputed leader of the land. He emerged from the side of the only road between the kingdoms of Khone and Shikar, proclaimed that the swamp now belonged to him and submerged the road into the bog. He told the people of both nations that they should provide him with food, slaves, material goods, and knowledge during the annual Date of Tribute. Sol'Kanar discovered that ages ago a being named Sivitri Scarzam had led the Scarzam Dragons against Corondor. Wanting to fight the fallen angel Trine, who had conquered the north of Corondor while under the control of Xarl Angel-Keeper, Sol'Kanar changed the tribute to one spellcaster of each kingdom, hoping to summon the Scarzam dragons. With Chondeah of Shikar and Gydolien Mor of Khone he began to weave magic powerful enough to summon the beasts.[1]

After years of effort, they were indeed successful in summoning a Scarzam Dragon, but a plan hatched by Chondeah turned it against Sol'kanar. Gydolien forced it back through the portal it had come from. Sol'Kanar, apparently not realising that it was the Khoneian who had saved him, then destroyed the kingdom of Khone. In its absence, Shikari grew into a glorious kingdom.

In the unpublished comic Prelude to War, Freyalise and the Lord of House Khone summon Sol'Kanar and bind him. In the unpublished comic Planeswalkers War, Sol'Kanar is now working for Ravidel.

Legend says that Sol'kanar will be restored to his original form upon Geyadrone Dihada's death, and still rules as a demon king in Corondor to this day.[2]

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