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{W} 61.3% {U} 8.8% {B} 5.6% {R} 7.1% {G} 2.8% {W/U} 1.8% {U/B} 0.6% {B/R} 0.1% {G/W} 2.1% {W/B} 0.6% {B/G} 0.3% {R/W} 5.7% {G/U} 0.1% {M} 2.1% {artifact symbol} 0.9%
as of Alchemy Horizons: Baldur's Gate
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Soldier is a creature class. Soldiers are trained combatants who are part of a formal army.[1] They are tough and disciplined, adept at fighting in concert, and overwhelming the enemy. The subtype was first featured on Icatian cards of Fallen Empires, but Benalish Hero from Alpha and several other early cards have retroactively become Soldiers, as well.


Many soldiers have first strike, vigilance or other combat-oriented abilities. Most soldiers are white,[2][3] though a large minority are blue or red, and a few green and black soldiers have been printed as well. In the Grand Creature Type Update the subtypes Avenger (Righteous Avengers), Hero (Benalish Hero), Legionnaire (Akron Legionnaire), Pikeman (Pikemen) and Squire (Squire) were incorporated into the Soldier class.

Soldier Organizations[]

Notable Soldiers[]


More than 90 cards produce Soldier tokens, which makes the Soldier token the second most common one, after Zombies.[5][6]

Token Name Color Type Line P/T Text Box Source Printings
Soldier Red Creature — Soldier 1/1 Haste
Red/​White Creature — Soldier 1/1 Haste
White Creature — Soldier 1/1
White Creature — Soldier 1/2 Defender
White Enchantment Creature — Soldier 1/1
White Creature — Soldier 1/1 Lifelink
White Creature — Soldier 2/2 Vigilance
Soldier Ally White Creature — Soldier Ally 1/1
Mirror-Sigil Sergeant White Creature — Rhino Soldier 4/4 Trample
At the beginning of your upkeep, if you control a blue permanent, you may put a token that's a copy of Mirror-Sigil Sergeant onto the battlefield.
Oketra's Attendant White Creature — Zombie Bird Soldier 3/3 Flying
Ajani's Pridemate White Creature — Cat Soldier 2/2 Whenever you gain life, put a +1/+1 counter on Ajani's Pridemate.
Goldmeadow Harrier White Creature — Kithkin Soldier 1/1 {W}, {T}: Tap target creature.
Bird Soldier White Creature — Bird Soldier 1/1 Flying
Cat Soldier White Creature — Cat Soldier 1/1 Vigilance
Goblin Soldier Red/​White Creature — Goblin Soldier 1/1
Human Soldier White Creature — Human Soldier 1/1
Green/​White Creature — Human Soldier 1/1 Training
Kithkin Soldier White Creature — Kithkin Soldier 1/1
Kor Soldier White Creature — Kor Soldier 1/1

Tribal type[]

Morningtide featured one tribal Soldier equipment which was cheaper to cast with Ballyrush Banneret.

Soldier manlands, enchantments, and artifacts[]

Soldiers are created by:



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