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Race Human
Birthplace Ulgrotha

Soraya, named after the first falconer appointed by Serra herself,[1] is the last known of Falconers of Aysen, on Ulgrotha. As all members of her family line, she can speak the language of birds. As a falconer, she is respected and honored, for to have the respect of the great Mesa Falcons is to have the respect of Serra herself. More than a few of the common caretakers at the Serra Aviary have suffered nasty bites from the Mesa Falcons, when they've gotten too close.

The duty of Soraya isn't limited to the aviary, however. In case of invasion or in times of trouble, the Falconer always seems to be the first to know of any calamity, not only in Onella, but in all of Aysen. This is because, in times of great danger, one of the Beast Walkers will transform themselves into a crow, fly to the Aviary at Onella and report to Soraya. For this, to take on the duties of being the Falconer is a lifelong duty with many hardships and responsibilities.[2]

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