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Gibbering Kami CHK

Gibbering Kami

Soulshift is a keyword ability.


It is a triggered ability that means when a creature with soulshift dies, its controller can bring back another spirit of a specified converted mana cost or less from their graveyard to their hand.


Amber controls a Gibbering Kami and has a Wandering Ones and a Kami of Old Stone in her graveyard. When Gibbering Kami its soulshift 3 will trigger, this means that he can bring back the Wandering Ones, as it has a CMC of 1, but not the Kami of Old Stone, as it has a CMC of 4, which is higher than the max of three. It also can't bring itself back.

Comprehensive Rules

702.45. Soulshift

  • 702.45a. Soulshift is a triggered ability. "Soulshift N" means "When this permanent is put into a graveyard from the battlefield, you may return target Spirit card with converted mana cost N or less from your graveyard to your hand."
  • 702.45b. If a permanent has multiple instances of soulshift, each triggers separately.
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