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SpellTable is a free mobile app that was designed and built by Jonathan Rowny and his team for playing paper Magic remotely.

History[ | ]

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SpellTable 2

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SpellTable was introduced in April 2020 as VirtualEDH after the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic made meeting people "in the flesh" to play Magic: The Gathering Commander unfeasible.[1]

After an enthusiastic response from the MTG community, the creators of the app realized the need for the resource to expand beyond Commander to other formats. In order to embrace all formats, they decided to rebrand with a new name, SpellTable, in May 2020.[1]

In August 2020, the creators of SpellTable joined Wizards of the Coast. It was announced that the considerable resources and relationships provided by being part of Wizards of the Coast would allow them to continually improve the app.[2]

In March 2021, Time Spiral Remastered was the first set to officially feature SpellTable Launch parties.[3]

Features[ | ]

  • Connect live with Magic players around the world.
  • Use your webcam or phone positioned above the battlefield
  • Click on a card on any player's feed to quickly identify it from a built-in database
  • Keeps track of your game state, by life and damage tracking.
  • Multiple video layouts
  • Turn indicator and turn clock.

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