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Not to be confused with Signature Spellbook.
Introduced Alchemy: Innistrad
Last Used Alchemy: Kamigawa
16 cards
{C} 12.5% {W} 12.5% {U} 18.8% {B} 12.5% {R} 12.5% {G} 25% {R/W} 6.3%
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To draft from a spellbook is a designed-for-digital mechanic for MTG Arena that allows you to access a card from outside the game.[1][2]


A spellbook is a curated list of 15 resonant cards tied to specific cards in the game. Cards with the spellbook mechanic only appear on Alchemy cards.[2]

Drafting from a spellbook may occur as part of an activated or triggered ability. When you pay the activation cost of such a card or fulfill its trigger, you may draft a card from their spellbook. You will see three cards from outside the game chosen from among a curated list and select one, usually to put into your hand. You can choose the same card twice, if it comes up again later.[3]

The cards of the spellbook are not visible on the main cards themselves. You are able to browse through these spellbooks in game by right-clicking (or long-pressing) on the cards, much like looking at dungeons or cards that make multiple tokens. Outside of MTG Arena, you have to find a list.


A spellbook was first named in Tome of the Infinite from Jumpstart: Historic Horizons, but there it was used in combination with conjure instead of draft. The mechanic also has similarities with Davriel, Soul Broker's offers and conditions from the same set. Drafting from a spellbook was formally introduced in Alchemy: Innistrad.[2]

Spellbook card Color Theme
Faithful Disciple {W} Enchantments
Slayer's Bounty {W} Justice and detainment
Experimental Pilot {U} Vehicles
Tireless Angler {U} Marine life
Tome of the Infinite {U} Utility spells
Break Expectations {B} Artifacts
Cursebound Witch {B} Witches and witch tropes
Arms Scavenger {R} Adventuring Equipment
Tibalt, Wicked Tormentor {R} Devils
Boseiju Pathlighter {G} Lands
Garruk, Wrath of the Wilds {G} Wild creatures
Hinterland Chef {G} Unusual edible creatures
Ishkanah, Broodmother {G} Spiders
Imperial Blademaster {R}{W} Samurai
Ominous Traveler {C} Innistrad's monsters
Key to the Archive {C} Mystical Archive spells



Ishkanah, Broodmother {3}{G}
Legendary Creature — Spider
Other Spiders you countrol get +1/+2
{1}{B/G}, Exile two cards from your graveyard: Draft a card from Ishkanah, Broodmother's spellbook.

Ishkanah's spellbook


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