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A spellcaster is one of the five main creature classes which can cast spells.[1] The division into five classes was completed with the introduction of warlock in Throne of Eldraine and fully implemented in Strixhaven: School of Mages.[2]

Class Source of power Primary Secondary Tertiary Scryfall
Cleric Faith in a cause or higher being {W} {B} {U}{R}{G} type:"Cleric"
Druid Nature {G} {B} {W}{U}{R} type:"Druid"
Shaman Spirituality, rituals, lore, and years of practice {R} {G}{B} {W}{U} type:"Shaman"
Warlock Contracts with demons and other dark beings {B} {U}{R}[3] {W}{G} type:"Warlock"
Wizard Study {U} {W}{B} {R}{G} type:"Wizard"


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