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(Subtype for creature/tribal cards)
56 cards
{W} 17.9% {U} 19.6% {B} 19.6% {R} 19.6% {G} 19.6% {artifact symbol} 3.6%
as of Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
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Spellshaper is a creature class. Spellshapers are amongst the most narrowly focused spellcasters. They are salesmen of magical spells[1] and devote themselves to perfecting a single spell or selection of spells, relying on their mastery of their focus to make up for their lack of versatility. In all other respects they are similar to wizards, clerics and druids.


Spellshapers were introduced in Mercadian Masques, appearing in the subsequent sets of the block, and reappeared in the Time Spiral block. Creatures with this type have at least one activated ability of the form "[mana cost], {T}, Discard [a number of] cards: [Effect]." The effect is often the same as a sorcery or instant card already in print and the mana cost is often the same as the referenced sorcery or instant card. Most Spellshaper abilities require the discard of one card, but more powerful effects may require a discard of more than one card.

Spellshapers were designed by Mercadian Masques lead designer Mike Elliott. The flavor that inspired him was that these creatures could themselves cast spells.[2]

A cycle of legendary spellshapers was printed in Prophecy. Each of these legendary rare creatures cost {3}MM and require a discard of two cards. They are: Alexi, Zephyr Mage, Greel, Mind Raker, Jolrael, Empress of Beasts (which was reprinted in Time Spiral as a timeshifted card), Latulla, Keldon Overseer and Mageta the Lion.

Mark Rosewater has stated that is unlikely that Spellshapers would return in a Standard-legal set, but that it would be possible in a supplemental set.[3] The return of the mechanic, but without the creature class is a bit more likely.[4]

A mural of two Nemesis Spellshapers, Stronghold Biologist and Stronghold Machinist.[5]

Notable Spellshapers[]




Bog Witch {2}{B}
Creature - Spellshaper
{B}, {T}, Discard a card: Add {B}{B}{B}.