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Origin Meditation Plane
Creator Ugin
User Nicol Bolas, Liliana Vess
Status Disappeared

The Spirit-Gem was a mystic artifact that was metaphysically tied to the Meditation Realm. Nicol Bolas used to wear it between his horns.


The Spirit-Gem was a smooth egg shaped stone, with a silken sheen. Its color was between gold and silver.[1] Bolas used the Spirit-Gem as a channel to absorb the planeswalker's sparks that he had harvested through the Elderspell during the War of the Spark.[2]

Found on the Meditation Plane after killing his brother Ugin, Bolas was unaware that it was made from a piece of Ugin's essence. Resurrected as a Spirit Dragon, Ugin used his connection with the Spirit-Gem to observe the events of the War without being on Ravnica. After the defeat of Bolas, Liliana Vess had picked up the Spirit-Gem before she planeswalked away.[2][1]

The Spirit-Gem can reveal its possessor's “true, best self” and allows Ugin to communicate with its holder.[1] In Caligo on Dominaria, Ugin briefly spoke through the Gem to Araithia Shokta and appeared to Liliana Vess who would have to make a choice on her path to redemption. Araithia would become visible to everyone, when she held the gem. Later, when Liliana held the Spirit-Gem in one hand and the Chain Veil in the other, the Spirit-Gem began to glow. As it disappeared, Liliana dropped the Veil and gave it up. The Gem's location is officially unknown, although it presumably returned to Ugin.


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