Spore counter

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Spore counter
Use Upkeep tracking; Resource
Placed On Creatures (especially Fungi)
Introduced Fallen Empires
Last Used Future Sight
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Spore counter"

Spore counters are usually created during the upkeep step.

Spore counters form the basis of the Thallid mechanic, which are a fungus tribal subtype from Fallen Empires (with some guest Elves). Originally all spore counters had a secondary ability with a cost of "Remove three spore counters from this card:", but with several different effects; the most common of these was to create a 1/1 Saproling token. Its return in Time Spiral expanded on this using Thallid Devourer as a basis; there would be an upkeep spore counter ability, a Saproling-creating ability, and sometimes a Saproling-sacrificing ability.

This allows the player to have a spore counter and a Saproling token-based economy.

Notable cards[edit | edit source]

  • Fungal Bloom can place spore counter on a target Fungus.
  • Thelon of Havenwood is a fungus lord, which gives +1/+1 for each spore counter on it.
  • Sporesower Thallid doubles the spore counter production, and Sporoloth Ancient lowers the cost from three counters to two counters to germinate. Put together, they allow for one Saproling per turn, per Fungus, and even allow Fungi without natural spore counters to germinate Saprolings.