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Race Goblin
Birthplace Dominaria
Lifetime Born 4195 AR - present
Rath and Storm, Mercadian Masques, Invasion, Planeshift, Apocalypse

Squee was a goblin cabin-hand on the Skyship Weatherlight.[1] He is known for his foul cooking, love of eating bugs, and manner of speaking.

History[edit | edit source]

A genius, among Dominarian goblins at least, Squee was loyal to the crew and managed to save their lives on several occasions, taking a particularly important role during their time on Mercadia when, as a goblin, he was perceived to be one of the elite Kyrens and thus became an elite himself.[2] During the Phyrexian Invasion, Squee was captured by the Phyrexians, and granted immortality, so that he might be killed repeatedly by Ertai and Crovax. This backfired, and allowed Squee to accidentally kill Ertai. His immortality outlasted the war and he has survived to the present. He can now rightly claim to be the oldest, and possibly the wisest, goblin of Dominaria.[3]

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References[edit | edit source]

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