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Plane Dominaria

Stahaan formerly was the name of a mountain range on a landmass in the most extreme north of the Domains on Dominaria. It is now the name of the whole island.[1]

The Stahaan Mountains are home to a radical xenophobic nation of minotaurs.[2][3] Stahaan is the sister nation of Mirtiin.

The minotaur nation of Stahaan is an orthodox religious society ruled by a matriarch-priestess called the Speaker of Stone. They do not allow humans or goblins in their halls, as they consider such beings flakkach (unclean or impure), and to bring flakkach into the halls is to violate purrah. Minotaurs of Stahaan wear red, or red and white. Adult females have names ending in -alem and adult males have names ending in -ekst. The Stahaan minotaurs, like those of Mirtiin and unlike those of Hurloon, have four fingers on each hand. Hurloon was founded by minotaurs who were banished from Stahaan as heretics for their belief that humans and minotaurs share a common ancestor, although they may actually have been banished for having five-fingered hands; as the scripture says in the first chapter of Knowing Purity: "By this shall you know the division: The fifth finger is flakkach."

Human settlements on Stahaan include:

  • Null Divva
  • Bathtown