Standard BW Ghost Husk deck

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Ghost Husk is a recent addition to the CHK-RAV Standard Metagame. It is mainly based around using Nantuko Husk and Promise of Bunrei.

Debuting around the qualifiers for PT Charleston, this deck scraps the discard found in Hand in Hand for a more synergistic approach to killing its opponent.

Full of sacrifice effects, the deck uses Promise of Bunrei to create tokens, and Plagued Rusalka to keep early board control. Orzhov Pontiff can destroy the opponent's creatures or boost the deck's tokens before an attack. Late game, Ghost Council of Orzhova is used to win, if a Nantuko Husk hasn't shown up earlier.

This is a fairly average build:

Ghost Husk

The deck can struggle against Heartbeat combo due to a lack of disruption, so post-sideboarding Mindslicer rips the players hand apart, leaving a few creatures to cruise in for the kill. Promise of Bunrei also leaves the deck with something post Wrath of God, and all it takes is an Orzhov Pontiff to win a game post-wrath.