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Doran Rock is a popular aggro-control deck in the 2008 Standard format. It is based on the classic 'The Rock' formula of powerful creatures coupled with strong removal and discard. Historically, Rock decks have been black-green, although many (including this one) splash into other colors, most often white. The white splash in this iteration of Rock is for the hyper-efficient creature Doran, the Siege Tower, also the source of the deck's name. The deck is often referred to as simply Doran, or sometimes Doran the Explorer, a pun on the children's cartoon Dora the Explorer.

There are versions being played without white, but the white splash has been far and away the most popular build since Uri Peleg's success with it at Worlds.

Sample decklist as piloted to 6th place at Grand Prix Shizouka by Shintarou Ishimura:

Untitled Deck