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Elves is a popular aggro deck in the 2008 Standard format. It tries to win the game by attacking with lots of small to medium-sized creatures. Its key component is the use of creatures of the elf type, so it can take advantage of the Lorwyn block cards that rely on elves, such as Imperious Perfect, Wren's Run Vanquisher, and sometimes Wren's Run Packmaster.

Currently, the Elves archetype is split into two subarchetypes - Elves with a fair amount of controlling features, and a more aggressive version that utilizes the warrior-based effects from Morningtide (such as Obsidian Battle-Axe and Bramblewood Paragon).

Sample Elves (non-Warriors) decklist as piloted to 7th place at Grand Prix Shizouka by Taischi Fujimoto:

Sample Elves/Warriors decklist as piloted to 7th place at Grand Prix Chiba by Shuhei Nakamura