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Ghost Dad, named after the card Ghost Council of Orzhova, came into prominence when clan Cymbrogi was looking at the "spirit craft" mechanic and saw a number of powerful new spirits with which to give the deck some power. The purpose of the deck is to gain massive card advantage and synergy from the card Tallowisp, in which every time he plays a spirit or arcane card (over 70% of his spell base is either a spirit or arcane card) he gets to search for an Aura card, which he uses or "pitches" to one of his 8 shoals (which lets him get another Aura), thus eliminating the drawback of the shoals (giving card disadvantage for tactical gain). The deck is a great match-up against aggro and sideboards to destroy control and combo decks.

Cymbrogi[ | ]

Cymbrogi is a Magic Online clan. The name means "Companions of the Heart" in Celtic.

Known members[ | ]

  • Ben Goodman
  • Karl Kahn — NicotineJones
  • Benjamin Peebles — Mundy
  • Ray Walkinshaw — blisterguy
  • Shaver
  • JoINrbs
  • aWinnarisYou

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