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Star-Spangled Slaughter is a white-blue-red Aggro-control deck which became popular with the release of Lightning Angel and the support of enemy color pairs in Apocalypse. The name derives from the flag of the United States of America, also known as the Star-Spangled Banner, being red, white and blue. The deck would mainly keep opposing creatures off the board using red burn, gain card advantage with blue cards and finish the opponent off with aggressive creatures that at least in part are white, particular the Angel.

Star-Spangled Slaughter - Peter Jesuale - U.S. Nationals 2002

Ravnica-Time Spiral Standard[ | ]

With the re-release of the Angel in the timeshifted portion of Time Spiral following the heavily multicolored Ravnica block, the deck saw a resurgence in a more control-oriented variety.

Star-Spangled Slaughter