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StarCityGames is a Magic retailer based in Virginia. is one of the longest-running Magic: the Gathering content sites on the Internet as well as one of the largest Magic dealers in the world.


On their site, they offer articles on competitive Magic and sell cards. Initially, they were principally acknowledged for the amount of coverage they offered to the Vintage format. Although this coverage did not stop, the site later hired several top-class players to write articles about other formats, like Standard, Legacy, and Modern. Most high-profile articles were locked behind a paywall requiring subscription fees for access, but were set to free access several months later.

In January 2022, the publishing model was revised due to a lack of in-person events, Wizards of the Coast significantly reducing their investments in both competitive Magic: The Gathering play and the concept of the professional Magic player, and a variety of other situations. Contracts with many of the top-class writers were terminated, and all article content is once again free to read.[1]

StarCityGames is often used as the de facto price guide for trading among Magic players in North America.

SCG Tour[]

Main article: SCG Tour

StarCityGames (SCG Events) organizes a series of high level Magic events in North America to rival the Wizards of the Coast driven tournament scene.


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