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Starter 2000
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Star with superimposed S (not used on the cards)
Release date April 24, 2000
Plane Dominaria
Set size 54 cards
(35 commons, 6 uncommons, 3 rares, 10 basic lands)
Expansion code S00[2]
Starter series
Starter 1999 Starter 2000 Seventh Edition Starter
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Nemesis Starter 2000 Prophecy

Starter 2000 is a starter-level set that came out in April, 2000. All cards in this set are reprints from Sixth Edition, Portal and Starter. The cards from Sixth Edition are not different from their original printing. The ones from Portal and Starter do differ, in that they have no expansion symbol. These were legalized for Legacy and Vintage on October 20, 2005[3]

Set details[]

Starter 2000 was exclusively sold in the Starter 2000 game box. A sampler pack that was released in magazines is also considered part of Starter 2000. A 24-card Demogame booster was provided via the Guru program.

Starter 2000 game box[]

Starter 2000 Game Box

The Starter 2000 game box included:

  • Two decks with 22 cards each
  • Two 15-card packs with more advanced cards (artifacts, enchantments and instants)
  • A collectable premium card featuring exclusive art (Rhox) [4]
  • Two play guides
  • An easy-to-read rulebook
  • Two playmats with scorekeeping disks
  • A CD-ROM with mini-games that cover some aspects of Magic play


Player A[]

Advanced Pack

Instants (3)

1 Giant Growth

1 Shock

1 Terror

Artifacts (2)

1 Rod of Ruin

1 Soul Net

Enchantments (1)

1 Orcish Oriflamme

Lands (6)

2 Forest

2 Mountain

2 Swamp

Player B[]

Advanced Pack

Instants (3)

1 Counterspell

1 Disenchant

1 Inspiration

Enchantments (2)

1 Flight

1 Hero's Resolve

Lands (6)

3 Island

3 Plains

Starter 2000 sampler pack[]

The Starter 2000 sampler pack contains the following cards:


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