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Sticker sheet

Stickers are adhesive labels that are introduced in Unfinity that allow players to modify cards to make them unique. Stickers are a play aid. You may use alternate options to represent them.[1]


Sticker types[]

There are 48 sticker sheets in Unfinity.[2] The adhesive used on the stickers is similar to that of a "Post-it" note, so it won’t damage the card and can be reused. 1 sticker sheet appears in each booster pack, replacing a common.

There are four types of stickers:

  • Name stickers (3 per sticker sheet)
  • Art stickers (3 per sticker sheet) of things you can get in the park.
  • Ability stickers (2 per sticker sheet)
  • Power/Toughness stickers (2 per sticker sheet)

Only power and toughness stickers repeat. Each sticker sheet has three name stickers, three art stickers, two ability stickers, and two power/toughness stickers. There are 96 slots for each sticker type. Both the ability stickers and power/toughness stickers require some number of tickets as a cost to use. Name and art stickers do not have ticket costs, so they can always be used. The cheapest ticket cost for ability and power/toughness stickers in Unfinity is 2. Players are not forced to spend them and can build them up.

Some cards instruct a player to place a sticker on a card as an effect. Players can only sticker their own nonland permanents.[3] Most cards that allow players to sticker provide tickets. Some cards tell you to use a specific type of sticker while others are general.

The back of the sticker sheet is the rules for stickers (same back for all the sticker sheets).[4]

"Stickers matter"[]

Unfinity has cards that care about names and art, making those stickers mechanically relevant. There are also cards that care about whether or not a card is stickered.


  • Cards can only have one power/toughness at a time.
    • If a card already has a power/toughness sticker, a player can still sticker over it with a new one, but it will replace the old one.
    • Name stickers, art stickers, and ability stickers are not restricted in this manner.
  • Stickers stay on cards as they move to any public zone (stack, battlefield, graveyard, exile, ante, and command), but return to the sticker sheet if the cards they are attached to go to a hidden zone (hand or library).
  • Stickers that go back to a sticker sheet can then be used again.
  • Stickers are additive. Cards that care about objects in the art still count anything “under” the sticker.[5]
  • Stickers follow the same rules as counters when a permanent is being copied - they are not copied.[6]


The majority of the cards that can sticker or care about stickers are eternal playable (usable in Commander, Legacy, and Vintage). In Constructed, players must choose ten unique sticker sheets and randomly pick three per game to use. For playing casually, there will be a tool posted online to pick three random sticker cards. If you don’t have the actual sticker sheets, you are allowed to write on slips of paper. In booster draft, you keep the sticker sheets you open. In Limited, players may only use what they open from their own packs - the sticker sheets are not drafted.


Sticker Name Sticker Type Ticket Cost Sheet
Urza's Name N/A 4
Dark Name N/A 4
Cannonball Name N/A 4
Squirrel Art N/A 4
Beanie Art N/A 4
Jace Plushie Art N/A 4
Exalted, Exalted Ability 2 4
Shadow Ability 3 4
1/5 Power/Toughness 2 4
7/4 Power/Toughness 4 4
Happy Name N/A 8
Dead Name N/A 8
Squirrel Name N/A 8
Top Hat Art N/A 8
Cat Art N/A 8
Garruk Plushie Art N/A 8
{T}: Add {2}. Spend this mana only to cast noncreature spells. Ability 2 8
Infect Ability 3 8
3/2 Power/Toughness 2 8
4/7 Power/Toughness 4 8