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The Stone Druids, or rock druids, were a group of Dominarian dwarves that Eladamri met in the depths of the Stronghold during the Phyrexian Invasion. The druids were capable of powerful earth-based magic, being able to harden their bodies to a diamond-hard state and using lava as weapon. They were led by sister Nadeen Dormet.

The druids arrived in Urborg to purge the Stronghold from Dominaria by causing the dormant volcano under it to erupt. Eladamri made a pact with them to defend them once they penetrated the inner wall of the volcano, in return using their tunnel to outflank the Phyrexians guarding Portcullis. The druids successfully caused the volcano to erupt, engulfing the Stronghold with lava and thus preventing Yawgmoth from fleeing back to Phyrexia. Yawgmoth, outraged, tried to vanquish the gnats that had barred his way back, but the dwarves were shielded by the white mana blast Weatherlight channeled from the Null Moon. They later attended the ceremony at the Martyrs' Tomb.