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Plane Dominaria
Part of Argive
Status Destroyed
Later part of Soldev

Storgard was a kingdom in the Dark Age and the onset of the Ice Age of Dominaria. It was located in the Sardian Mountains of Terisiare and ruled by five clans: Ruby, Emerald, Onyx, Pearl and Sapphire. It was the birthplace of Freyalise.[1] Because it had taken in refugees from Sarpadia, it sometimes is considered the last of the Fallen Empires.[2]


During the Ice Age the kingdom became covered in the ice of the massive Raynor Glacier. The last king before the destruction by the glaciers of Lim-Dûl and Tevesh Szat was Miko.[1] The Emerald and Pearl clans left the doomed capital after it was destroyed in a fight between Tevesh Szat, Freyalise and Jason Carthalion. Their descendants founded Kjeldor more to the south. Many years after the fall of Storgard the city of Soldev was built on its ruins.

Known locations[]

  • Storgard castle
    • The Bridge of Hielos, the highest bridge of Storgard
  • Raynor Heights, a viewpoint over the glacier


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