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Captured-by-the-Consulate CROPPED

The lower half of the card Captured by the Consulate, showing the forked planeswalker symbol behind the text, and the Story Spotlight designation and URL below the text box.

Story Spotlights are a small group of cards found in each expansion set from Kaladesh onward. They are marked by the words "Story Spotlight" (initially followed by a sequence number) below the text box.

Description[ | ]

Story Spotlights convey the broad strokes of that set's storyline when collected and read in order. Each such card also shows the web address for Magic Story,, where the complete narrative can be read.[1][2][3]

In addition to the text label at the bottom of the card, each early Story Spotlight card carried a watermark of the planeswalker symbol in its text box.[4] Until Rivals of Ixalan, each set had a total of 5 Story Spotlight cards.[5]

History[ | ]

The story has been told in a variety of media, including novels, comic books, webcomics, and ebooks. Currently, new chapters are published weekly in the online Magic Story column, which is more popular and more widely read than all previous models of storytelling.[6] However, many players remain unfamiliar with the story. Story Spotlights were created to make the story more visible, and draw less enfranchised players to the online column.[7]

Story Spotlights are the latest of several iterations showing the story on cards. Tempest card art depicted the story nearly scene-for-scene, but the cards lacked any explicit order.[8] At some point afterward, a policy was instituted barring cards from showing key story events.[9] More recently, that policy was dropped, and a concerted effort was made to convey major plot points on cards.[10]

Before their printing, the name "Pivotal Moments" was considered for the Story Spotlight cards. However, it was changed for being inadequately self-explanatory.[11]

Because Core Set 2019 was filling in the story and was not part of the current storyline, it had no Story Spotlights.[12]

Starting with Guilds of Ravnica, the story spotlight cards no longer tell you the order they occur in. This was done to give away less of the story when the set was previewed.[13][14]

As of War of the Spark. the Story Spotlights no longer featured the planeswalker symbol watermark.

Lists of Story Spotlights[ | ]

Set name List of cards
Aether Revolt
Hour of Devastation
Rivals of Ixalan
Guilds of Ravnica
Ravnica Allegiance
War of the Spark
Throne of Eldraine
Theros Beyond Death
Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths
Zendikar Rising
Strixhaven: School of Mages
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt
Innistrad: Crimson Vow
Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
Streets of New Capenna
Dominaria United
The Brothers' War
Phyrexia: All Will Be One
March of the Machine
Wilds of Eldraine
The Lost Caverns of Ixalan[15]
Murders at Karlov Manor[16]
Outlaws of Thunder Junction[17]

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