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Streets of New Capenna

Streets of New Capenna
New Capenna logo
Set Information
Set symbol
Symbol description Brass knuckles with angel wings
Design Mark Gottlieb (lead)
Mark Rosewater
Noah Millrod
Ari Nieh
Donald Smith, Jr
Development Mark Gottlieb (co-lead)
Jules Robins (co-lead)
Andrew Brown
Carmen Handy
Noah Millrod
Ken Nagle
Ari Nieh
Michelle Roberson
Donald Smith Jr
Reggie Valk
Cameron Williams
Art direction Keven Smith
Release date April 29th, 2022
Plane Capenna
Themes and mechanics Shard-colored factions
Keywords/​ability words Cycling, Hideaway, Blitz, Alliance, Connive, Casualty, Shield counters
Set size 281 + 186
Expansion code SNC[1]
Development codename Ice Skating[2]
Streets of New Capenna Standard
Midnight Hunt Crimson Vow Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty
Magic: The Gathering Chronology
Secret Lair Drop Series: April Superdrop 2022 Streets of New Capenna Streets of New Capenna Commander Decks

Streets of New Capenna is the ninety-second Magic expansion. It is inspired by modern urban gangster movies focusing on early 20th century society and organized crime.[3][4][5] It was released on April 29, 2022.[6]

Set details[ | ]

SNC expansion symbol

Expansion symbol

“  Family Means Business  ”

Public domain name registries for Streets of New Celesta were filed by a subsidiary registrar in October, 2020.[7] A further registration with the gg domain was filed by Wizards of the Coast itself. After the name "New Celesta" appeared in a published vision design handoff document for March of the Machine, Mark Rosewater confirmed on his blog that it had been the original name for New Capenna.[8]

The set contains 281 regular cards (101 commons, 80 uncommons, 60 rares, 20 mythic rares, 20 basic lands) and includes randomly inserted premium versions of all cards. The regular cards include 10 full-art "Metropolis" basic lands.[9][10] Each type has two different pieces of art. Alternate card frames have another card number than the original version. Borderless planeswalkers are numbered #282-284. Other borderless cards are #285-295. Each of the 45 three-color gold cards in Streets of New Capenna appears in the "Golden Age" Showcase treatment that evokes the aesthetics of the roaring and soaring city life of New Capenna. The art deco influence is felt in the frames of this treatment, which is paired with eye-catching gold. These are numbered #296-340. Four rares and five mythic rares —including the three mythic rare planeswalkers — appear in the "Art Deco" treatment, reimagining those cards as if they were on the cover of a fashion magazine (#341-349). Ten of the nonbasic lands appear in the "Skyscraper" treatment (#350-359). #360 is the Phyrexian-language Urabrask, Heretic Praetor. Extended artwork cards are numbered #406-440. #450-460 are the Gala Greeters box toppers. The Buy-a-Box card is #461 and the Bundle promo is #462. The dark frame treatment cards from the Universal promo pack are numbered #463-467. The "Concept Praetor" art of Urabrask, released with Phyrexia: All Will Be One, is #468.[11]

All 45 Golden Age cards have a gilded version (#361-405). These "Gilded Foil" cards have the golden frame elements three-dimensionally embossed in gold atop a traditional foil card. As with other treatments, this embossing is smooth and legal for play in sanctioned Magic tournaments.[10] Foil-etched versions of all nine "Art Deco" cards can be found exclusively in Collector Boosters (#441-449).

Storyline[ | ]

Goddess of Speed

SNC key art

The set takes place in the Art Deco metropolis of New Capenna, a city that has both grit and glamour. It is a place built by angels, but now ruled by five demon-led crime families battling for supremacy. The fragile alliances that foster peace between the families are being strained to a breaking point as the precious commodity halo seems to be running out and someone known as "The Adversary" makes a power grab. Meanwhile, the planeswalker Elspeth Tirel arrives to investigate her past.[12] Deep under the city, another outsider has his own plans.

The cards that represent the Story Spotlights in New Capenna are:

Remarkably, some of these Story Spotlights have flavor text referencing events that aren't told in the Magic Story, or even depict events that contradict the Magic Story.[13]

Magic Story[ | ]

Main article: Magic Story
Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Episode 1: Homecoming Elise Kova 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Theros, Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Ajani Goldmane, Heliod, Xander, Anhelo, Jetmir, Jinnie Fay, Regis, Kitt, Giada, Vivien Reid, Tezzeret, Urabrask
The Contract Breaker Tobias S. Buckell 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Perrie, Junash, Ari, Leonard, Rigo, Falco Spara, Kros, Jolene
Episode 2: Dirty Laundry Elise Kova 2022-03-28 Streets of New Capenna Capenna, Dominaria Elspeth Tirel, Ajani Goldmane, Anhelo, Ob Nixilis
What You Expect to See Kaitlyn Zivanovich 2022-03-29 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Kamiz, Queza, Tivit, Raffine, Oskar, Denry Kiln, Lagrella
Episode 3: Tests Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Xander, Vivien Reid, Rocco, Kitt, Jinnie Fay, Giada
The Side of Freedom Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna Capenna, Dominaria Vivien Reid, Tezzeret, Urabrask, Navy, Anhelo, Elspeth Tirel
Episode 4: The Font Elise Kova 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Xander, Anhelo, Ob Nixilis, Elspeth Tirel, Jinnie Fay, Kitt, Giada, Jetmir, Vivien Reid
The Family Man K. Arsenault Rivera 2022-03-30 Streets of New Capenna Capenna, Dominaria Anhelo, Errant, Toluz, Evelyn, Fiero Vespin, Severo
Episode 5: Hymn of the Angels Elise Kova 2022-04-05 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Elspeth Tirel, Vivien Reid, Giada, Jinnie Fay, Kamiz, Jetmir, Ob Nixilis, Anhelo
Alley Cat Blues Rhiannon Rasmussen 2022-04-05 Streets of New Capenna Capenna Kitt, Jetmir, Ognis, Henzie

Marketing[ | ]

New Capenna is sold in regular 16-card Draft Boosters (one card being a marketing card), a Draft Pack, Theme Boosters, Collector Boosters, Set Boosters, the New Capenna Bundle, and five Commander decks.[14][15] The Draft Boosters feature artwork depicting Elspeth Tirel, the Set Boosters feature art depicting an angel car hood ornament, and the Collector Boosters feature artwork depicting an angel statue on a rooftop. The Theme Boosters feature art from Scheming Fence (Obscura {W}{U}{B}), Glamorous Outlaw (Maestros {U}{B}{R}), Pugnacious Pugilist (Riveteers {B}{R}{G}), Venom Connoisseur (Cabaretti {R}{G}{W}) and Dapper Shieldmate (Brokers {G}{W}{U}).

Box Toppers[ | ]

Set Booster displays containing 30 Set Boosters, as well as Draft and Collector Booster displays, each contain a traditional foil Box topper card.[10] The card is always Gala Greeters, but the version of the card is region-specific. There are are 11 alternate art versions of the regular card. The art and language of the Gala Greeters always matches the language of the display. Each Box Topper version depicts art celebrating the regional culture of that language.

Events[ | ]

Promotional cards[ | ]

Tokens[ | ]

SNC punch card 1

New Capenna punch card with Shield counters

There are 17 tokens:[20]

  1. {C} Copy, for Jaxis, the Troublemaker and Brass Knuckles.
  2. {W} 3/3 Angel creature with flying, for Elspeth Resplendent and Soul of Emancipation.
  3. {W} 2/2 Spirit creature with flying, for Obscura Ascendancy.
  4. {U} 1/1 Fish creature with "This creature can't be blocked," for Exotic Pets, Expendable Lackey, Reservoir Kraken, and Sleep with the Fishes.
  5. {U} 1/1 Wizard creature with "{1}, Sacrifice this creature: Counter target noncreature spell unless its controller pays {1}," for Mage's Attendant.
  6. {B} 4/3 Ogre Warrior creature, for Join the Maestros.
  7. {B} 2/2 Rogue creature, for Girder Goons.
  8. {R} 1/1 Devil creature with "When this creature dies, it deals 1 damage to any target," for Maestros Diabolist, Ob Nixilis, the Adversary, and Pugnacious Pugilist
  9. {G} 2/2 Cat creature with haste, for Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second
  10. {G} 3/1 Dog creature with vigilance, for Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second
  11. {G} 4/4 Rhino Warrior creature, for Titan of Industry, Vivien on the Hunt and Workshop Warchief
  12. {G/W} 1/1 Citizen creature, for Cabaretti Charm, Citizen's Crowbar, Courier's Briefcase, Darling of the Masses, Exhibition Magician, Halo Fountain, Luxurious Libation, Rabble Rousing, Rakish Revelers, Sanctuary Warden, Stimulus Package, and Warm Welcome.
  13. {C} Treasure artifact (Obscura), for An Offer You Can't Refuse, Big Score, Black Market Tycoon, Bootleggers' Stash, Buy Your Silence, Exhibition Magician, Fake Your Own Death, Gala Greeters, Gilded Pinions, Glittermonger, Halo Scarab, Hoard Hauler, Involuntary Employment, Jewel Thief, Most Wanted, Ognis, the Dragon's Lash, Prizefight, Professional Face-Breaker, Riveteers Requisitioner, Sticky Fingers, Stimulus Package, Widespread Thieving, and Ziatora, the Incinerator.
  14. {C} Treasure artifact (Maestros)
  15. {C} Treasure artifact (Riveteers)
  16. {C} Treasure artifact (Cabaretti)
  17. {C} Treasure artifact (Brokers)

There are also two sets of shield counters, +1/+1 counters and keyword counters on double-faced punch cards.[20]

The List[ | ]

For New Capenna, the List is down to 67 cards. This is because this set introduces the Magic IP versions of the 9 cards from the Secret Lair Drop Series: Stranger Things. One in eight Set Boosters will contain one of these cards, while another one in eight set boosters will contain a different card from the List.[14] The List is slightly smaller to accommodate this distribution. The Information below the text box of the rebranded cards has the special SLX set code and the SLD collector number that it equals to.[21] All rebranded cards have the same rarity as the original.

The 58 other cards are rares and mythic rares are from Magic's history that complement the narrative and mechanical themes of the set. Among the new cards is a special non-foil Rafiq of the Many featuring new art and the Streets of New Capenna Golden Age treatment.[22] This card notably lacks the planeswalker symbol in the lower left corner, and adds a new collector number (#250) to the Shards of Alara set.

Themes and mechanics[ | ]

The set features shard-colored factions, for the first time since the Alara block.[12][23] Each of the five associated crime families features its own keyword, watermark and gameplay style.[24][14][25][26]

Family Color Gameplay Mechanic
Brokers {G}{W}{U} Protection and control Shield counters — If a permanent with a shield counter on it would be destroyed by an effect, a shield counter is removed from the permanent instead of the creature being destroyed. If a permanent with a shield counter on it would be dealt damage, that damage is prevented and a shield counter is removed from the permanent.
Obscura {W}{U}{B} Card draw and control Connive —If a creature you control is instructed to connive, you draw a card and discard a card. If you discard a nonland card, you put a +1/+1 counter on the creature that connived.
Maestros {U}{B}{R} Sacrifice and removal Casualty — As an additional cost to cast a spell with casualty, you may sacrifice a creature with power N or greater, where N is the number that appears after the keyword. If you choose to do so, a triggered ability triggers that copies the spell.
Riveteers {B}{R}{G} Aggro and big beaters Blitz — Casting a spell for its blitz cost has several effects. The creature gains haste and "When this creature dies, draw a card." At the beginning of the next end step, you sacrifice the creature.
Cabaretti {R}{G}{W} Creature synergies and Go Wide Alliance — An ability word that highlights triggered abilities that trigger whenever another creature enters the battlefield under your control. The effects differ per card.

Cycling is only used on the tri-lands.[27] It now is considered to be deciduous.[28]

Hideaway is a returning mechanic with a somewhat changed template. This keyword ability gives special access to a card from the library when linked with a second ability. It was earlier used on a horizontal cycle of rare lands in Lorwyn, and on one card in Modern Horizons. Hideaway used to inherently mean four cards, but now it can be any number (especially five!), and that number will appear after the word "hideaway." Also, hideaway used to inherently mean the permanent with hideaway entered the battlefield tapped, but this is no longer true. Previous cards with hideaway now have "[This permanent] enters the battlefield tapped" as a separate ability.

This set also marks the return of the first monocolored blue creature with haste since Bonded Fetch in Future Sight, with Errant, Street Artist. Similar to the previous card, the mono-blue creature with haste has the ability to use its activated abilities right away upon entering the battlefield rather than for attacking.

Card types[ | ]

Secondary limited archetypes[ | ]

In addition to the shards, Streets of New Capenna features the following draft archetypes for allied colors:[23]

Cycles[ | ]

Cycle name {G}{W}{U} {W}{U}{B} {U}{B}{R} {B}{R}{G} {R}{G}{W}
Crime Bosses Falco Spara, Pactweaver Raffine, Scheming Seer Lord Xander, the Collector Ziatora, the Incinerator Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
Five mythic rare Legendary Demon creatures, each representing the boss of New Capenna's families.
Hideouts Spara's Headquarters Raffine's Tower Xander's Lounge Ziatora's Proving Ground Jetmir's Garden
Five rare shard colored taplands, one for each crime family. Each has the three basic land types associated with their colors and has cycling {3}. The arc counterparts of Ikoria's triomes.
Hybrid costed Legends Rigo, Streetwise Mentor Toluz, Clever Conductor Evelyn, the Covetous Ognis, the Dragon's Lash Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second
Five rare Legendary creatures which cost at least three colored mana, one of the center color and two hybrid allied colors, that each represent an important member of each family.
Rare Henchmen Soul of Emancipation Obscura Interceptor Maestros Diabolist Ziatora’s Envoy Fleetfoot Dancer
Five rare creatures with MNO in their mana cost.
Ascendancies Brokers Ascendancy Obscura Ascendancy Maestros Ascendancy Riveteers Ascendancy Cabaretti Ascendancy
Five rare enchantments costing MNO.
Rare Removal Spells Endless Detour Void Rend Hostile Takeover Unleash the Inferno Incandescent Aria
Five rare removal spells with MNO in their mana cost.
Uncommmon Legends Lagrella, the Magpie Queza, Augur of Agonies Cormela, Glamour Thief Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder Rocco, Cabaretti Caterer
Five uncommon legendary creatures, each representing a member of a family.
Charms Brokers Charm Obscura Charm Maestros Charm Riveteers Charm Cabaretti Charm
Five uncommon tri-modal instants costing MNO.[29]
Uncommon Henchmen Disciplined Duelist Nimble Larcenist Corpse Appraiser Crew Captain Brazen Upstart
Five uncommon creatures costing MNO.
"Smuggling" fixers Spara's Adjudicators Shattered Seraph Glamorous Outlaw Masked Bandits Rakish Revelers
Five expensive common creatures that can all be exiled from hand for {2}, to grant a land the ability to tap for each of the gang's three colors until the creature's controller decides to cast the spell from exile.[30][31]
Fetch lands Brokers Hideout Obscura Storefront Maestros Theater Riveteers Overlook Cabaretti Courtyard
Five common lands that sacrifice themselves when they enter the battlefield to fetch a basic land of one of the associated family's colors and gain the controller one life.
Cycle name {W}{U} {U}{B} {B}{R} {R}{G} {G}{W}
Allied Draft Rares Scheming Fence Aven Heartstabber Corpse Explosion Black Market Tycoon Park Heights Pegasus
Five rare two-color cards.
Sac-Draw Lands Skybridge Towers Waterfront District Tramway Station Racers' Ring Botanical Plaza
Five common taplands. Each has an ability to sacrifice itself and draw a card for 2MN.
Secondary Draft Signposts Metropolis Angel (counters) Syndicate Infiltrator (five mana values in the graveyard) Forge Boss (sacrifice) Security Rhox (Treasures) Darling of the Masses (Citizen typal)
Five uncommon two-color creatures supporting the ally-color draft archetypes.
Secondary Draft Noncreature Spells Exotic Pets (counters) Tainted Indulgence (five mana values in the graveyard) Fatal Grudge (sacrifice) Stimulus Package (Treasures) Ceremonial Groundbreaker (Citizen typal)
Five uncommon two-color noncreature spells supporting the ally-color draft archetypes.
Secondary Draft Commons Celestial Regulator (counters) Snooping Newsie (five mana values in the graveyard) Body Dropper (sacrifice) Jetmir’s Fixer (Treasures) Civil Servant (Citizen typal)
Five common two-color creatures supporting the ally-color draft archetypes.
Cycle name {W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Hidden activities Rabble Rousing Wiretapping Cemetery Tampering Widespread Thieving Fight Rigging
Five enchantments with Hideaway 5 and an ability related to the condition to cast the exiled card. All of their names are gerunds.
Initiates Brokers Initiate ({G/U}) Obscura Initiate ({W/B}) Maestros Initiate ({U/R}) Riveteers Initiate ({B/G}) Cabaretti Initiate ({R/W})
Five common Citizen creatures with the center color in their mana cost and the other two colors as a hybrid activated ability cost. All but one of them have combat-related abilities; Maestros Initiate's ability can only be used from your graveyard.
Color hosers Knockout Blow ({R}) Out of the Way ({G}) Whack ({W}) Torch Breath ({U}) Bouncer’s Beatdown ({B})
Five instants that cost at least {2} less to cast if they target a creature of a certain color. The creature on the receiving end of the spell in the art for each card is of a nonhuman race associated with the faction with the center color the spell costs less to target.

Mini-cycles[ | ]

Streets of New Capenna has one cycle of three cards, missing the two colors not associated with the family:

Cycle name {R} {G} {W}
Cabaretti Specialists Sizzling Soloist Venom Connoisseur Rumor Gatherer
Each of these uncommon creatures has an Alliance ability that triggers differently the second time.

Pairs[ | ]

Streets of New Capenna has one mirrored pair.

Mirrored Pairs Description
Errant, Street Artist
Jaxis, the Troublemaker
Two rare legendary creatures with an activated ability that make copies.

Reprinted cards[ | ]

Functional reprints[ | ]

Notable cards[ | ]

Format rebalancing[ | ]

The Limited reception of the set was not favorable, with White seen as far above the other colors, in no small part due to Inspiring Overseer. In that regard, Wizards experimented with a retroactive rebalancing, dubbed the "Planeshifted Draft" on MTG Arena. The changes to 43 cards addressed the following:

Preconstructed decks[ | ]

Streets of New Capenna features five Commander decks that are released as a regular part of a set's product line.

deck name
Color Identity Commander
{W} {U} {B} {R} {G}
Obscura Operation W U B Kamiz, Obscura Oculus
Maestros Massacre U B R Anhelo, the Painter
Riveteers Rampage B R G Henzie "Toolbox" Torre
Cabaretti Cacophony W R G Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva
Bedecked Brokers W U G Perrie, the Pulverizer

Soundtrack[ | ]

New Capenna Soundtrack

Album cover art

Streets of New Capenna Official Soundtrack was a soundtrack album released on April 29, 2022 alongside the set. It features 26 tracks written and performed by various artists, with Jonathan Young serving as the album's Songwriting & Production Director.[32] Each of its songs was released as a single along with its instrumental version, if it had one.

Track Listing[ | ]

No. Title Artist(s) Theme Length
1. "Family Means Business" Sapphire (Cassie Ewulu), Insaneintherainmusic About the Core Theme of the set (motto of the set) 2:32
2. "Train Back Home" Sapphire (Cassie Ewulu), Jonathan Young About a Planeswalker returning to her own plane 3:35
3. "Halo Rich" Cristina Vee, Jonathan Young About Halo 2:36
4. "Old Money" Jonathan Young, Caleb Hyles Maestros Theme 3:49
5. "Fortune Teller" Annapantsu, Jonathan Young Obscura Theme 2:30
6. "Nails & Kneecaps" Annapantsu, Jonathan Young Riveteeers Theme 2:57
7. "Deal You Can't Refuse" Cristina Vee, (Prod. Jonathan & Em Young) Brokers Theme 2:49
8. "Join Us" Caleb Hyles, Annapantsu, (Prod. Alex Moukala & Jonathan Young) Cabaretti Theme 2:58
9. "Angel Inside" Michelle Heafy, Jonathan Young 3:13
10. "Fallen Praetor" Matthew K. Heafy, Jonathan Young Urabrask, the Hidden Theme 3:29
11. "Until This City's Burning" Matthew K. Heafy, Jonathan Young ob nixilis the adversary Theme 3:14
12. "Midnight at Xander's" Amie Waters 4:49
13. "Cat Demon Waltz" Amie Waters 5:03
14. "Speakeasy" / "Backroom Deals" Jonathan Young 7:33
15. "Temptations" Jonathan Young 5:14
16. "Family Means Business" (Instrumental) Sapphire (Cassie Ewulu), Insaneintherainmusic 2:32
17. "Train Back Home" (Instrumental) Sapphire (Cassie Ewulu), Jonathan Young 3:35
18. "Halo Rich" (Instrumental) Cristina Vee, Jonathan Young 2:36
19. "Old Money" (Instrumental) Jonathan Young, Caleb Hyles 3:49
20. "Fortune Teller" (Instrumental) Annapantsu, Jonathan Young 2:30
21. "Nails & Kneecaps" (Instrumental) Annapantsu, Jonathan Young 2:57
22. "Deal You Can't Refuse" (Instrumental) Cristina Vee, (Prod. Jonathan & Em Young) 2:49
23. "Join Us" (Instrumental) Caleb Hyles, Annapantsu, (Prod. Alex Moukala & Jonathan Young) 2:58
24. "Angel Inside" (Instrumental) Michelle Heafy, Jonathan Young 3:13
25. "Fallen Praetor" (Instrumental) Matthew K. Heafy, Jonathan Young 3:29
26. "Until This City's Burning" (Instrumental) Matthew K. Heafy, Jonathan Young 3:14

Reception[ | ]

The world of New Capenna was not well received among players.[33]

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