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Streets of New Capenna
Streets of New Capenna
New Capenna logo.png
Set Information
Set symbol
Design (lead)
Development Mark Gottlieb (lead)
Release date May 6, 2022
Expansion code SNC[1]
Development codename Ice Skating
Streets of New Capenna Standard
Midnight Hunt Crimson Vow Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty

Streets of New Capenna is the 92nd Magic expansion. It is inspired by modern urban gangster movies focusing on gangs and organized crime. The set is expected to be released in early May 2022.[2]

Set details[]

Public domain name registries for Streets of New Celesta were filed by a subsidiary registrar in October, 2020.[3] A further registration with the gg domain was filed by Wizards of the Coast itself, but apparently they later changed the name to Streets of New Capenna.


The set takes place on an yet undisclosed plane[4] in the Art Deco Noir metropolis of New Capenna, a city that has both grit and glamour. It is a place built by angels, but now ruled by five demon crime families battling for supremacy. It is a city important to the planeswalker Elspeth Tirel. [2] Ob Nixilis is seemingly involved with one of the crime families.[5]


The List for New Capenna introduces the Magic IP versions of the cards from the Secret Lair Drop Series: Stranger Things. One in eight Set Boosters will contain one of these cards, while another one in eight set boosters will contain a different card from the List.[6] All rebranded cards have the same rarity.

Themes and mechanics[]

The set features three-colored factions.[2] Each of the five crime families features its own keyword and gameplay style.[7]


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