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The New Capenna Art Series is a series of 81 art cards that can be found in Streets of New Capenna Set Boosters.[1]

The front side depicts a piece of art from the set in landscape orientation (except for the planeswalker cards, which are displayed in portrait). The card back is mostly blank, with some collector's info (Magic logo, illustration credits, legal text and collector numbers). They are similar to an artist's proofs and thus provide room to get an artist's signature or drawing on it. They can also be used as tokens for copy effects, as proxies, or if it is for a legendary creature it could be a good way to store experience counters, life total, commander tax, etc.

There are no foil art cards. Instead, all of them are treated with a specially developed gloss varnish that brings out the art. The backs are left uncoated. Five percent of the time, rather than a normal art card, you'll get one with a gold-stamped signature of the artist. Every art card exists in both its normal version and its signature version.

Card list[]

  1. Backup Agent
  2. Dapper Shieldmate
  3. Elspeth Resplendent
  4. Giada, Font of Hope
  5. Mage's Attendant
  6. Mysterious Limousine
  7. Rumor Gatherer
  8. Sanctuary Warden
  9. Speakeasy Server
  10. Brokers Veteran
  11. Distainful Stroke
  12. A Little Chat
  13. Run Out of Town
  14. Wingshield Agent
  15. Wiretapping
  16. Angel of Suffering
  17. Rogues' Gallery
  18. Daring Escape
  19. Plasma Jockey
  20. Capenna Express
  21. Venom Connoisseur
  22. Vivien on the Hunt
  23. Cormela, Glamour Thief
  24. Evelyn, the Covetous
  25. Falco Spara, Pactweaver
  26. Fleetfoot Dancer
  27. Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
  28. Lagrella, the Magpie
  29. Lord Xander, the Collector
  30. Meeting of the Five
  31. Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
  32. Raffine, Scheming Seer
  33. Ziatora, the Incinerator
  34. Luxior, Giada's Gift
  35. Paragon of Modernity
  36. Spara's Headquarters
  37. Skybridge Towers
  38. Anhelo, the Painter
  39. The Beamtown Bullies
  40. Henzie Toolbox Torre
  41. Kamiz, Obscura Oculus
  42. Kitt Kanto, Mayhem Diva
  43. Perrie, the Pulverizer
  44. Kros, Defense Contractor
  45. Parnesse, the Subtle Brush
  46. Phabine, Boss's Confidant
  47. Tivit, Seller of Secrets
  48. Angelic Sleuth
  49. Bennie Bracks, Zoologist
  50. Contractual Safeguard
  51. Skyboon Evangelist
  52. Change of Plans
  53. Extravagant Replication
  54. Flawless Forgery
  55. Skyway Robber
  56. Make an Example
  57. Mari, the Killing Quill
  58. Misfortune Teller
  59. Writ of Return
  60. Seize the Spotlight
  61. Family's Favor
  62. Killer Service
  63. Prosperous Partnership
  64. Elspeth Resplendent
  65. Giada, Font of Hope
  66. Halo Fountain
  67. Falco Spara, Pactweaver
  68. Jetmir, Nexus of Revels
  69. Masked Bandits
  70. Mr. Orfeo, the Boulder
  71. Ob Nixilis, the Adversary
  72. Obscura Ascendancy
  73. Obscura Charm
  74. Obscura Interceptor
  75. Queza, Augur of Agonies
  76. Jetmir's Garden
  77. Jetmir's Garden
  78. Island
  79. Plains
  80. Racers' Ring
  81. Rafiq of the Many



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