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Race Human
Birthplace Zhalfir, Dominaria
Lifetime Mending Era

Subira was a caravan drover from Dominaria. She led the Tulzidi Caravan across Jamuraa.


Subira was the wife of the planeswalker Teferi and mother of Niambi. She was a Zhalfirin woman with strong features and a confident bearing. She met Teferi shortly after the Mending, and is now deceased.[1]

Although the Tulzidi Caravan had existed in some form or another for centuries - surviving the Mirage War, the Phyrexian Invasion and time rifts - it had never been as successful as under Subira's guidance.[2] Teferi described Subira's wit was as sharp as Talruum crystal, and twice as lethal if she chose to turn it on you.[3] When he met her, she, like many other Jamuraans, thought he was a murderer for phasing out Zhalfir. Once he convinced her he didn't casually kill people, they got along great. Teferi decided to travel with the caravan for a week, and that week became a month, and that month was the happiest month of his entire life. They were wed soon after that and had many simple, happy years together. They left the caravan and settled down long enough to have Niambi. However, Subira's heart belonged to the road most of all, and she returned to the caravan when Niambi was very young. She visited as often as she could, but Teferi was the one who raised their daughter.

Story appearances[]

Title Author Publishing date Set Setting (plane) Featuring
Return to Dominaria: Episode 5 Martha Wells 2018-04-25 Dominaria Dominaria Teferi, Subira, Kwende, Akime, Niambi

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