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Super haste
Keyword Ability
Type Static
Introduced Unhinged
Last Used Unhinged
Reminder Text Super haste (This may attack the turn before you play it. (You may put this card into play from your hand, tapped and attacking, during your declare attackers step. If you do, you lose the game at the end of your next turn unless you pay this card's mana cost during that turn.))
1 card
{R} 100%
Scryfall Search
oracle:"Super haste"

Super haste is a keyword ability which has only been seen in Unhinged, namely on the card Rocket-Powered Turbo Slug. Super haste allows a creature to "attack the turn before you play it", that is, put it onto the battlefield tapped and attacking during the player's declare attackers step. Then, during that player's next turn, they must pay that creature's mana cost or lose the game at the end of the turn.

According to Mark Rosewater, the Pacts in Future Sight (e.g. Pact of Negation), which are similarly "buy now, pay later or lose the game", were inspired by super haste, representing the notion of "borrowing from the future".[1]