A supertype is a characteristic of a card and any one of six words that may appear on a card's type line just before its card type[s]:

  • Basic
  • Elite
  • Legendary
  • Ongoing
  • Snow
  • World

The supertypes all have rules text attached to them: More than four copies of a basic land can be included in a deck, and state-based effects dictate what happens if multiple Legendary permanents with the same name, or multiple World permanents of any name, are in play simultaneously. Some cards also refer to supertypes by prefixing them with "non", which means all cards that are not that supertype.

Card Types
Supertypes BasicLegendarySnowWorld
Artifact ClueContraptionEquipmentFortification
Creature Creature Types
Enchantment AuraCurseShrine
Land PlainsIslandSwampMountainForestDesert
Planeswalker (subtypes)
Instant / Sorcery ArcaneTrap
Other Card Types
Multiple Types Artifact LandArtifact CreatureEnchantment Artifact
Enchantment CreatureLand Creature
Other ConspiracyPhenomenonPlane
Scheme (Ongoing) • TribalVanguard
Obsolete ContinuousEliteHeroInterrupt
Mana SourceMonoPolySummon
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